The Boy Inside

It happened only yesterday
And I will always remember,
When I had to say goodbye to a dear friend
That I met last September.
His name was indescribable,
The same thing went for him
At first I had to beg to be his friend
And eventually I did win.
Then every Saturday we would meet
And discuss the goings on in our town,
But whenever I talked of the slaying of beasts,
His smile would turn to a frown.
One day I was waiting for him
But he never really came.
I saw him hiding behind a tree
So I thought he was playing a game.
I wanted to creep up behind him
And give us both a laugh,
But when I was about to
I let out a deep gasp!
This was not the boy I knew
For his eyes were blood red.
He had two large bat-like wings
And claws that were like lead.
I turned around to run away
But then he called my name.
I recognized that voice he used
And turned around again.
He told me he was a monster,
It was time for him to leave,
And go back to his own world
Before Christmas Eve.
So I said goodbye to him
And I watched him fly
Away into the misty night
And high up in the sky.
Today I went outside
And looked up high above,
And I knew I would always remember
The boy I learned to love.