Chapter 1

"Mom? After we have lunch, can we go to the Art Museum?" Emily Debleana asked her mom. "Sure honey, but since when did you start to like art?" asked her mom. " We learned about it in school today," replied Emily. Her mom smiled.
"Then what are we waiting for?!" she exclaimed. Emily threw her trash away and ran out the door of the restaurant. Emily and her mom scurried through the busy streets of the city. " Here we are!" stated Emily's mom. Emily hurried up the stone steps. "Alright! We will split up and meet back here at 2:00. Okay?"
"Sure," Emily replied. She headed down a hall. She examined some of the interesting paintings. Soon Emily found an empty quiet hall with large windows. There were no paintings anywhere but something willed Emily on. Something she could not describe. She came to a small dark room. It was empty except for one painting in the middle of the room. Emily strained her eyes to see what it was. It was a dragon it had blue spikes on its back and green scales. It had black eyes, blacker than night. It almost looked as if it were.. well.alive! Emily reached out to touch it. FLASH! A blinding light filled the room. Emily could not hear herself scream. Suddenly, a claw reached out of the painting. Emily was frozen with terror. Following the claw came a head. It looked exactly like the dragon's head in the painting. Following the head came the body, then the tail until there was a dragon, the size of an overgrown dog, standing in front of her. This time Emily really did hear herself scream. She turned for the door but the dragon jumped over her head and blocked the door. Then it opened its mouth and asked, " Did you free me?" Emily trembled and squeaked in a feeble voice, "Yes." "Are you a friend or a foe of dragons?" thundered the dragon. " Er.. well.I guess. friend?" squeaked Emily. The dragon blinked. "There is no need to be scared, Little One." "There isn't?" " No little One."
"Then can you stop calling me Little One?" asked Emily. "Yes."
"Thank you." "What should I call you then?"
"Emily. What should I call you?" ". I don't have a name."
"Can I name you?"

" Yes."
" How about.Billy!" "I am a female."
" Oh. How about.. Equa!" " I like that."
"Okay, Equa, first of all,what are you doing in a painting?"


"From whom?"

"From a descendant of a knight. He wishes to kill me because I am the last dragon in the world. He has a tracking device that has my DNA in it.

" He's going to kill you?!"

"But he can't do that!" "I see now that you really are a friend of dragons." Emily turned away for a second, then looked back and said simply, " I will help you."