Chapter 8

Emily was in the middle of nowhere. She could not tell which way was up or which way was down. "Equa?" she called. She heard a distant voice say, "Emily! The portal! Quick! "Where is it?!" Emily called back.
"A ladder! Climb the ladder!" Emily ran as fast as she could in no certain direction. Suddenly, she fell through the whiteness that she was walking on. She fell either down or up; she could not tell. Then she saw a ladder. She reached toward it and clamped her hand tightly around it. Then she began to climb. When she reached the top she saw Equa at the bottom or top. Suddenly, the ladder disappeared. She fell toward Equa. Then she saw it. There was a dragon scale falling with her. She snatched it and crashed into Equa. "Emily! Say the words that come to your mind!" Emily concentrated. She shouted the words in her mind. "Free the dragons!" she shouted. There was a flash of light, and the portal was opened. She saw millions of dragons being sucked into it. She saw Equa flying toward it. "Goodbye Equa!!" " Goodbye.Emily." There was another flash of light. This one was blinding. There were no more dragons left in the world now.

And there was no more Equa.