By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had met this girl during the summer
And her name was Heather
Craven,a true raven-haired beauty--
And I had fallen absolutely
In love with her.

But that was before I,Jonathan Chase
Had finally earned my rightful place
In the halls of Cleveland high-society,
For that was also when she
Had also started to go in a different pace.

She had found herself another lover--
One who had dared to take my beloved Heather
Away from me.
That was when I had decided to see
To it no one shall take away my beloved Heather.

My plan was quite simple indeed.
I would go to her house and perform the sinister deed
Of murdering her with a gunshot in the back.
Then,after I had put the gun right back
Where I had found it,I would frame my rival of the deed.

Yes,I had shot my beloved Heather in the back with the gun.
But after that,I had wrapped my arms around my beloved hun,
Gave her a hug and said that I was sorry,
But I wasn't ready to write her out of my life story--
Even after we've had so much fun.

After that,I had cleaned the gun
And placed it back a few feet away from my hunny bun.
And then,after I had given her a final goodbye kiss,
I had gotten out of there,before someone else finds something amiss.
After I had reached a pay phone,I had waited until the sun
Has started to rise and called the police to report the murder of my hun.

After the call,I had returned to Heather's
House and started to act like I was ready to name her
Murder,only to discover that the man who was suppossed to be
My romantic rival was actually her brother,Stanley
Craven--and he was also a police officer.

Then came the real shock,
For she was suppossed to show me the rock
That I had given her as an engagement gift.
After I had realized what I had done wrong,it had caused a great rift
In my heart and forced me to admit the very things I was trying to block.

I've loved you,Heather--with all my heart.
And if it were possible,I would go back to the start
And erase this horrible mistake,
Before it has caused me to take
You away from me--and left me with a very broken heart.