The Warriors Saga: Birth: Chapter One: Awakening

A Series by Deadly Warrior ([email protected])

The X-1000 perfect lifeform series. Five perfect warriors, created for the sole purpose of killing. Their names, are X-1001 AKA Gamma, X-1002, AKA Beta, X-1003 AKA Deadly Warrior, X-1004 AKA Omega, and X-1005, AKA Delta. Their creator, Lord Zamio, has sent all 5 to destroy his lifetime enemy, Ozaga. But this will be no easy task. Ozaga has a massive army at his disposal..

The five warriors sped across the fields of their planet Japok IV. They picked up the pace, and then, Beta noticed something.

"I see something," he announced.

"What is it?" asked Delta, who was beside him.

"Looks to me like some of Ozaga's scouts," said Gamma.

"Get ready to intercept," mumbled Deadly.

All 5 drew their swords, and charged the scouts. But the leader of the scouts noticed them. He whipped his sword.

"Kill them! They are probably with Zamio!" yelled the commander.

All of the others pulled out their large swords. The five warriors got to the scouts, and a battle began. Deadly swung his two blades, blocking a swipe from one. He then swung his right blade horizontally, severing the scout's head from his body. Delta kicked one in the stomach, then in the head, and the stomach again. He then grabbed his head, and slammed it into his knee, breaking his nose. Delta tossed him into the air, and launched an energy blast at him, killing him instantly.

From the side, on scout had contacted his base.

"Repeat! We are under atta-"

The scout was cut off as Gamma jabbed his two blades into his back, and pulled them out. As he ran back to the fight, Gamma crushed the Comn Link. Beta looked over at the commander, and threw his sword at him, impaling him through the stomach. He staggered a bit, and fell to the ground, dead. After that small battle, all the scouts were dead.

"Now that that small obstacle is gone, we can carry on," said Deadly.

All five warriors began channeling some energy, and then they lifted into the air, and sped faster then before, again to Ozaga's fortress. After about 5 hours of flying, they could finally see it.

"Charge as much energy as we can, this will be tough," said Omega.

They flew towards the massive fortress, and set down by the main gate.

"Like that is going to stop us," snickered Delta, as he charged some energy.

He launched the energy, but it did not break down the door. He growled, and charged some more, but this time with the support of his brothers.

"Fire!" said Beta.

All five KI blasts burst through the door, shattering it. They walked through the remains of the door, and into the fortress. But then, a voice came on the PA.

"All guards, we have intruders! Take them out!"

Then they could hear the stomps of soldiers through the halls. They were in the lobby, filled with columns. A minute later, 100 soldiers armed with guns and swords filled the room, hiding behind the columns.

"Freeze!" yelled the commander.

Deadly looked at his brothers, and then they started to run. All the guards opened fire, but they dodged the bullets. Deadly ran on the wall (A la Matrix), and kicked a guard in the face. Gamma drew his two daggers, and threw one into a guard's face, and the other into another's gun. He ran over to the one with the dagger in the gun, and punched him hard in the face.

Beta severed 3 guards head's, then proceeded to taking their guns. 25 guards opened fire on Omega, only to have him stop the bullets, and send them flying back. Deadly swung his two swords around furiously, incapacitating guards one by one. Soon, the battle was over, and the brothers, made their way through the building again in search of Ozaga.