The Warriors Saga: Birth: Final Battle

A Saga by Deadly Warrior

The Airship moved fast, but Deadly managed to blow a hole threw it before it could get away. All five jumped through the hole, and into the airship. Ozaga stared them down.

"So, you idiots survived the explosion," he said calmly, "Well I'll finish you off now!"

"You expect to beat us when you're hand is severed?" asked Deadly.


Ozaga began charging energy, and then Deadly noticed. Ozaga's hand began regenerating, and in an instant, he had a new hand.

"Impressive," said Gamma slyly.

"That's nothing!"

Ozaga then generated an energy blade. It crackled with red and purple energy. Ozaga then charged Deadly Warrior, who barely had enough time to block the attack from Ozaga's sword. He then realized Ozaga's sword was so hot, it was turning his Katana red. Deadly pulled away from the sword lock, and looked at his sword. It was all red, and exceedingly hot.

Deadly smirked, and realized he could use this to his advantage. Ozaga swung his blade at Deadly again, this time horizontally. Deadly jumped, narrowly avoiding the red hot blade. He kicked Ozaga in the chin, causing him to do a backflip onto the ground. Ozaga growled as his energy blade dissipated. He got up and punched hard into Deadly's stomach, making the Katana slip from his grip.

Ozaga grabbed it before it fell, and then held it out in a stabbing manner.

"Its time to die!"

But before he could stab Deadly with the blazing hot Katana, Delta jumped into the fray and kicked it out of Ozaga's hand. Delta then ran and caught it, then passed it to Deadly.

"Come on Deadly, you take him!" yelled the enthusiastic Delta.

Deadly then got up, pumped full of energy. He concentrated harder and harder, getting more and more energy. After he was done, he had red hair.

"I am Deadly Warrior X, and I will be the cause of your downfall!" he said to Ozaga.


Ozaga then generated another blade, and charged Deadly X. He tried slashing him, but with the swift movement of his Katana, he blocked it.

"It's no use Ozaga," said Deadly X.

Ozaga pulled his blade away and tried tripping the super powered warrior, but was greeted by an elbow to the face. His nose exploded with blood as he fell back. Deadly X walked over to the tyrant, but was thrown back by an energy blast. Deadly blocked it easily, and sped over to Ozaga. He kicked Ozaga's leg, causing him to trip, then he slashed Ozaga's arm with the super heated Katana.

"Gahhhh!!" yelled Ozaga as the searing hot blade sliced through his skin.

Deadly smirked, and kicked Ozaga in the temple, making him drop to the ground. Deadly then charged more and more energy, more then he had ever. While he was charging, Ozaga raised his hands shot an invisable beam at Beta, Delta and Omega. But they felt the same. Deadly's hands crackled with blue and yellow energy, as did his Katana. He raised his left hand, and punched right through Ozaga.

He coughed up blood, but was still alive. Deadly pulled his hand out of the near dead tyrant, and raised his Katana. Deadly then swiped across Ozaga, forming an X with the energy charged sword. Ozaga then began sliding apart. He was now in four pieces. Then, the vacuum of the broken door sucked the four pieces out. As they fell, they disintegrated.

Deadly then lowered his energy and became normal again. His Katana was no longer hot, either. He sheathed it, and turned to face his brothers.

"Finally dead," said Beta.

"I saw Ozaga shoot a beam at you three," said Gamma as he pointed to Beta, Delta and Omega, "What happened?"

"I feel the same," said Delta.

"As do I," Omega remarked.

"I guess it was nothing then," said Deadly.

"Come on, we have to get back to Lord Zamio's fortress and tell him we completed the mission," said Beta.

They all nodded, and turned to the hole. They leapt out, and began their flight back to the fortress.

3 hours later.

The massive front gates of Zamio's fortress opened, and all five walked in, grinning as they completed their first mission.


End of Part One! Hope you liked it! Here's a trailer for Warriors Saga: Defection..

"What's happening to us?" asked Beta.

"I don't know.but I have the urge for destruction," said Omega.

"Me too," said Delta.

"And Death,"

"Well then, lets fulfill these urges!" yelled Omega.

Deadly and Gamma stood dumbfounded by their bretheren's words.

"What?!" asked Gamma.

"Must..kill!" said Delta.

"No! We have to carry out our mission!" said Deadly.

Omega kicked Deadly in the face, sending him driving into the ground. Gamma drew his two Daggers, and charged him, only to be Karate-Chopped in the neck by Beta. Deadly and Gamma fell unconscious as their evil brothers flew off in search of something to kill.