Sitting at the amusement park.

The ice cream slowly melting away.

I take a look at your face,

Only to see that I'm not as perfect as I was.

The rollar coaster swings over the bridge.

The squall of screams rushes over head.

Chocolate starts to drip from your cone.

Another four cents go to waste.

But it doesn't matter.

You continue to stare at the victims of that ride.

And you, my little masocist,

Want to be one too.

So, lets finish your snack.

Don't worry about the drops on your ground.

We can run past that long line,

To be in the very front of our happy pain.

And when we go over that bridge,

I'll bet that if you look hard enough,

You'll see another one of us there.

Eating that same chocolate ice cream-

With the puddle still under the bench.