"Lady, time to get up," Katie, the maid said.

"Uhhh....now? Already?" Kayna mumbled.

"Yes, your father wants you to be there when he talks to his new crew," Katie was busy folding some laundry. "Unless you want me to go get him, and have him wake you up himself." The maid chuckled.

"That's okay...just hold on a second," Kayna was tired, from having her father keep her up, studying maps and such. "Why does my father have me stay up late memorizing maps, when he expects me to wake up so early?" She was still groggy, and mumbled a little.

"Don't ask me, ask him, but he's in a mood today. It's his new crew," Katie laughed aloud, and Kayna replied by saying, "What, are they to fat to move? Or just to drunk to wake up?"

Her father was the pirate captain on this ship, The Trinity. When it was first made, there were three captains, but two of them died, and the only one left was her father. Yes, he had many scars, but he was still alive.

"No my Lady, that is exactly the opposite of the problem. They are all young, handsome, and single, and you know he hates it when young men are around," Katie looked over at her.

"Really? I'll get up now then,"

Kayna was excited. Not really about the men, but about people her age! She slowly opened her eyes. Her dark tan skin lit up in the sunlight. People said she looked almost exactly like her mother, except for her eyes. But, she had seen her mother and looked nothing alike. Luckily, her hair was a dark brown, very dark brown, almost black, but in every other wave, there shone a bright sunlight. She ran her hand over her face, brushing her hair away, and it fell down her back. Kayna slowly sat up, and rubbed her eyes. "Do you already have my dress picked out?"

Katie slowly pulled out a dress that was light blue, and had a dark blue sash to tie around it. "Yes, here it is. It will look lovely on you. The sash matches your eyes," The maid un-folded the dress, getting it ready for Kayna to go into.

"I suppose I should also wear a corset, since the young men are here," Kayna looked around for it, but didn't spot it.

"You don't need it Kayna, your body has gotten so used to it that it looks the same whether you wear one or not," She looked enviously at Kayna. The maid helped her pull off her night gown, and she shivered. "It's not that cold, is it?" Katie grabbed the dress quickly, and let it fall over Kayna's thin waist.

"It is when your only wearing under garmets." She grabbed the sash, and tied it around her waist.

"Sit here Lady, I will brush your hair, and tell you a little bit more about the crew," she sat on the bed and gestured for Kayna to sit down.

"I was there while the crew walked on. Of course I expected them to be fat, old, ugly, and a bunch of drunks, but they weren't. They were all young, and almost all of them were at least cute. Every man that walked in, your father shivered slightly, because each one got more and more handsome," She giggled like a little girl. "But the reason he got such a young crew is that a fight is coming up. In one month to be exact. If he had his normal fat, old, and lazy men, we wouldn't stand a chance. But, with these younger men, we will probably win" Katie looked excited.

"Really? Hmm. I can't believe he still treats me like a thirteen year old! Most girls are married by now. I'm already eighteen. The way it's going, he's going to keep me trapped here forever, and when I'm fourty, he'll still be threatening the crew if they come near me that he will kill them!" Kayna's father always tried to get fat, ugly, and old drunks for his crew. He didn't want Kayna to get married and leave. Or, get her heart broken.

"You are his only child! And, his only rememberance of your mother," Katie kept brushing Kayna's locks.

"Why would he want to remember her? She deserted him, and me for that matter." She didn't like to talk about her mother.

After all, Kayna's mother had her, stayed until she was 3, and left the ship forever, saying, "Let's see you try to raise a child, a daughter at that!" and with a laugh, got off the ship.

"He loved her very much. Even if she did..." at this Katie paused. "desert him and you, he can not help but love her. Love is a funny thing. When you truly find that someone, they can almost do anything, leave you, maybe even be a jerk to you, but you can't help but love them, even a little bit. That's probably why he doesn't want you hanging around men. He doesn't want you to get your heart broken by a pirate that leaves you once he gets what he wants from you."

She finished brushing her hair. "But you are too smart for that. You will know when a man truly loves you, I think, and won't just lend him your body, and let him go." Katie stood up, and busied herself to making Kayna's tangled up sheets into a neat bed.

"Of course I won't! Maybe father thinks me stupid enough to let a man do that to me, but I would never! Father has trained me well with swords, and even without weapons, and would be able to defend myself if that ever happened!"

Kayna looked in the mirror at herself. Her blue eyes looked like a sea in a raging storm, and her face was getting red in anger. "I know you wouldn't, but..your father I guess just forgets that. All fathers act a little protective, especially to their daughters. They are their little princesses, and want them to have the best." Katie finished with the bed, and walked over the Kayna. She was much shorter than Kayna, she was five feet, two inches, and Kayna was about five feet, six inches. "I'm just warning you. It's not like a man won't break your heart. Be careful. Love is like a war, but with hearts, and the damage can be devastating. Remember that," She hugged Kayna.

"I will. Katie, you will always be like my mother, even if your not." Kayna loved that her father got her a maid. As soon as her mother left, he called for Katie, and she looked like the happiest baby alive.

A silver bell rang, cutting a cold clear note in the early air.

"That would be your father calling for you, hurry up to deck!" She hugged Kayna one last time, and watched as her "daughter" ran up the stairs, to the top deck.

"Kayna you are finally up, good. I wanted to introduce my new crew to you, just so they could see what you look like." Her father had her same dark hair.

"Yes, that is the reason, I'm sure father," Kayna laughed, but her father looked a little confused. The crew all assembled, and one man yelled, "Hey. Who's that lovely lady? I wanna get to know her," and most of the men there said either, "Yeah!" or "She's very pretty." A couple of the older men said, "I'm hungry. When do we get fed." Kayna looked over at her father, and giggled. He looked like he was holding back a lot of anger.

"Okay men, you are my fine crew. I will train you, and once the time comes, you will fight. The better of you will survive, and the weaker will get hurt, maybe killed." There was some mumbling in the crowd. "But, let's not worry about that yet. Over here, in the lovely blue dress is my daughter Kayna. But, if I catch any of you with her, I will kill you." A couple people laughed, thinking that he was joking. But most of them mumbled again, and some just kept silent. She stood up, and said hi, waving her hand.

"I'm sure you're all hungry, so let's eat!" Her father led them to the dining hall, and she followed him, sitting down beside him. Most of the men tried to get the "best" seats, which were either sitting right next to Kayna, or across, just somehow by her. Then, they tried to make conversation. She really didn't pay attention to what they said, just said 'yeah' and 'really' every once in a while.

One pirate, looked about nineteen or twenty caught her eye. He had fire red hair, clear blue eyes, like a calm sea. And, his hair was short. It wasn't the normal haircut, were they had it long, and tied back in a ponytail, or just flying everywhere, it was short! She liked hair better that way on men, and she couldn't stop staring at him. He caught her eye, and winked at her. She blushed scarlet, and saw that her father saw the whole thing, and was turning beat red. She laughed to herself, and thought, "This is going to be a long month."