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Kayna quickly spotted her mother and father. She was curious how her father would react to Jake's decision

"So, we are going to England."

"Yes, I heard Kayna." Johnny had a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Are you not coming along?" Kayna had just been reunited with her mother and was not yet ready to be torn apart again.

"No, we're not Kayna. I know enough about the King of England to be more than hesitant to meet with him. Please tell Jake to at least reconsider his decision."

"But why? I've heard that he is a just and virtuous ruler. Why do you feel so ridiculously outspoken against him?" She could tell that her tone was getting progressively more exasperated with her father, but she would not stand by and let her father insult Jake's decision.

"He is anything but virtuous Kayna. I have a feeling that one way or another you and Jake will not leave England for many years. The king will either behead you both for possessing his precious heirlooms, or will convince Jake to give up piracy to serve the king. One way or another, he will have to choose between death, or giving up his freedom. And Jake will probably end up having to give up you as well."

"No. No matter what Jake and I will stay together. I don't care how, but we will find a way. Why couldn't Jake and I just continue our lives together on the open sea?"

"Kayna, think about it. Why would a king allow a notorious pirate to meet with him, and then just leave. That makes no sense."

Kayna knew that her father was right. She stood in resigned silence, saddened by looming change in her horizon. She was realizing that her and Jake's future may be forced apart.

"And you also better hope that the king does not take a shine to you Kayna. You are a beautiful girl. And the king desires beautiful things to amuse himself. If he does end up desiring you, he will allow nothing to stand in his way."

Kayna looked down, and felt dread wash over her. "I'll go find Jake and bring him back to you. Maybe you can talk some sense into him, as you did for me."

Once Jake was brought back to Johnny, he was related with the same details about the king that Kayna had so recently heard.

"I understand your concern Johnny, but I still believe that I should return these treasures to the king. I already feel guilt tugging at my conscious. That may sound strange, as I don't care for the king at all, and I'm a pirate but I know that it's the right thing to do. I also feel this overwhelming need to see my homeland once more." Jake's face conveyed the sadness he felt at having to drag Kayna away from her mother.

"Jake, I can understand where you're coming from, and I will respect your decision. Just promise me you'll bring my daughter back to me someday." Johnny looked over to the calm, bright sea and wished he could mirror its sentiments.

"I promise you that I will, even if I have to go through hell and back, we will find you once again."

After an emotional separation with Kayna and her parents, she was once again on the deck of Jake's ship, side by side with him.

"Do you really think we'll see them again?" Kayna sighed.

Jake smiled warmly down at her. "Yes, I really believe that we will."

Kayna could not get rid of the fear that was overcoming her. Through hell and back. Jake's words kept running through her head, and she had a premonition that his words would come true. Tears started to stream down her face, as she slowly lost control of her calm exterior. Jake lifted up her chin, and gently kissed her. She felt herself gripping Jake tighter and tighter, as if that would prevent them from their impending hardships.