A rose in spring
Has everything it needs
From water to sunshine
And tender love that's so kind

A rose in the summer
Must bear rationed water
And learn to live
With the sun's rays beating harder

Then in the fall
The rose feels relief again
With leaves falling all around
It is happy to still stand

Still the temperature drops
To freezing, then far below
Now the rose must endure
The hazardous blizzards and snow

Though weathered and torn
The rose still lives on
Down into the night
And awakening the dawn

What does it take?
To be a rose in the snow
Bearing through all seasons
And when the sun did not show

When the leaves have fallen
Onto the stale grassy plain
And it takes everything within you
To find joy again

When the gardener threatens
To trim your leaves and stem
And it takes everything within you
To find comfort again

Knowing unconditional love
That gently reminds you of everything
That you ever were, or ever could be
Ever since you were that tiny seed