Sometimes, I never thought that I would feel this way,
When luck meets opportunity, preparation and dismay.
I would never bother you, I would never care.
You never even noticed me, it's something I can't bare.

To be ignored by the one you love, is to feel deceased.
I just wanted to kill myself, or cut myself at least.
Nobody ever asked me, what I was going to do,
I would constantly go over the plan just like one and two.

Flawless and perfected, nothing can stop me now.
With precise execution, I would fall into the undertow.
Sweep me up with your vice and love, never drop me off.
The little things that I would do, would often just be scoffed.

Regardless of what people think, I know I can win.
Something has told me, I'm falling off my limb.
But nobody cares about you, until you're doing bad.
When you start to prosper, it's like the friends you never had.

I try to reconnect, to the friends I never saw,
Just like cutting ribbons, eventually they hit the floor.
Time to pick up the pieces, the pieces I had left,
Throw them in a bag with all my sorrow and regret.

Eventually it comes around, to the ones who never cared,
When my wrath comes to you, don't act like you're scared.
Just taste the blade and be thankful, that I didn't do something else.
After al,l I always could have just been a friend to somebody else.

That's the pain I felt too often, when you ignored me,
I would rather die, then see you run away from me.
The pain, sometimes can be unstoppable, or even out of control,
You think you're doing fine, but then it takes its toll.

And you realize you can't stop it, it has to run its course.
The veins they start to tighten, and you fall to the floor.
When nobody's there to pick you up, or keep you out of your coma,
Just before you die, you smell that old aroma.

The perfume that you wore that night, the irony of poison,
Nothing I could do except, take on my new position.
I have passed on but please don't mourn, I was nothing great,
Then you wake up and it was just dream, woke up one night...real late.