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Kirito Master no.3 ~To the 2nd exam?

w...what...? "you guys need to use your own skills to do this exam. You can't just rely on others all the time. That cat girl can stay. she's the one who used the magic. But the others have to come back next year" "wait!...wait....If..mai friends have to come back next year... I'll take it next year too"

"leader" a girl from Yanagi's tribe came up to her, "please let them go on" "Maya... alright. They passed this exam" Rin smiled and let out a faint laugh. "what happened?" "nothing" "She really misses them---..." Megumi thought.

"Come on! Cheer up, we won!!" Megumi smacked her shoulders. "Are you trying to KILL me?!" "it hurt that bad...?"

"" Mitsuki tried to ask Ruka. "she's from the cat tribe, and she's the only survivor" "She must feel really lonely..." Ruka thought.

~~5 yrs. ago~~

"What are you talking about??!!" "you're the one who told me to do that?!"

Ruka just heard his parents screming at each other hopelessly...


"I used to be all alone too..." Ruka thought. "....hey.....HEY!" "huh??" "Are you done daydreaming?" "s-sorry" "she...knew?" Ruka thought "What's ur name?" "Ruka" "kool... my name's Rin" "the 1st time... how embarassing..//" Ruka thought as he blushed. "Im Megumi" "My name is Mitsuki" They introduced themselves and Ruka felt something towards Rin. He didnt really know what it was but it was the 1st time he felt that way in his whole 15 yrs. of his life. "Ruka kun, lets play over there, since we still hab some time!" Ruka blushed again. "angel?" he thought "lets go!" Rin grabbed his hand and brought him over to the pond. Rin jumped in and made a huge splash. "come on! jump in too!" Rin said and pulled him in. "whoa!!" "...I was going to take this top shirt off...." "oh...sry" "its ok. I'll use magic to dry it" "Im-Im sry!... I didnt know and-" "I trained a lot so I dont get tired that easily" "wow..." "so dont cry" "a... o..ok! I promise" "wait...arent you a cat?" "yea. But Im a special type of cat and I dont die easily and Im fine even if water's on me" Rin explained. "Dont worry. I wont cry" "...." "Rin.... it''s can cry if you want... but you dont evenhave a face that you look like ur gonna cry...." he thought.

4 yrs ago... Finally my parents brought me to a place where ther'res no parents.... I thought "maybe there can be nice ppl there".... I was wrong... I was just all the cold---- but.... she's so bright and warm....

"Ruka kun! smile!!"