Claimer: mine… all mine! *evil cackle*

July 3, 2003

Sometime in the afternoon…


There is a moment

Smooth and seamless

Because there is nothing

But me and a deadly point

Heralds to a dream in waiting

Like the eye of a snake

Prepared to strike

Poison in the form of steel

He holds it in a lazy grip

Fingers almost letting go

Caressing—icy smooth

I know he's waiting

Waiting for that perfect moment

When the air will cease

Vibrations in a pensive way

Though there is no more thought

Only action that comes in instants

Primal urges and we are but animals

He talks—lips moving

A mockery of speech

But I can't afford to listen

It's inevitable, it will happen

But on my own terms

Illusions of power and colder comforts

It happens—the barest of blinks.


A/N: GAH! FINALLY I'm writing in here again ^_^. It's been awhile…

er…not entirely sure what was going on in my head when I wrote this. I sort of sat down (because I didn't feel like packing :P) and started writing about nothing in particular. After a couple of half-poems and ramblings…voila ^_^. One of the many scenes that has been playing randomly in my head for a while. And now it's written…Tell me what you think ^_^