Only echoes from the dark
Keeping memories in a spark
Soul-to-soul and face-to-face
Opening wounds that time erased
Careful words with silver tongues
Icy breath from labored lungs
Chills of sadness, death, and change
Churning lies to ease the pain
With two sides to every being
Clashing, fighting, no agreeing
Love so difficult to contain
Angry bouts of sorrow and shame
Diverging as each day breaks
Mournful regrets of tragic mistakes
Calming shores so distant and few
Bitter eyes that stole this view
Reaching out to shut the eyes
Always so proud, even in lies
Observant and vengeful, they catch all
Building obstacles on which one falls
Dark secrets build and clutter up rooms
Endless chatter filled with gloom
Echoes pounding now so fast
Paves the future with the past