After shocks

"I should mark you right now," said a smooth silky masculine voice that belonged to a dark shadow hovering over a woman that lay on the floor beneath him. The woman was bruised and battered with almost no energy left to sustain her.

Jersey spat out blood that was building up in her mouth from the wounds she suffered from the fight earlier. She should have never been so stupid as she was today. She was the top witch of her rank just below her mother who was standing aside to let her take the lead. She was supposed to be initiated in three days in Los Angles and at this point in time she should be getting ready. But no her headstrong qualities would not let her recline a challenge especially one made by him and led her half way across the country to Nebraska.

"Not so tough are we? Spitting up blood and rolling all on the floor cowering, you should save your energy for another day," he said as he lowered himself down by the floor and lifted Jersey's chin with his hand. "Maybe we can play some other time when you have healed."

"Please spare me your pity Lamden. It will do you no good but get you killed in the future," Jersey said almost using the entire last of her strength.

Lamden laughed at her and got back up to his standing position. "You always had that fire in you. I can sense that you are weak because your aura is very low," he said with a wicked smile that showed his fangs.

"If you leave I will still hunt you," Jersey said trying to push herself off the ground.

"I know, I'm still waiting for the day when you come through," Lamden said laughing a light rich laugh and walked to the end of the dimly candle lit dust cellar to the door.

"Fuck you," Jersey spat coughing up blood. This was the fifth time she had fought Lamden and each time she ended up on the floor beaten to a pulp. Even though she knew she would never be able to beat him in a fight because he was so powerful. Even though the odds were against her she still fought him on the hope that she would find his weakness. Lifting herself up from the dusty cement floor she accessed the damage done to her. Looking down she thought that it wasn't that bad as last time. She had no broken bones or a concussion. All she had was a lot of cuts, bruises, and she was really sore. Walking to the door with her head pounding she found her way out to a filed and hoped on the motorcycle.

Speeding down the highway without her helmet as the sun was just setting before her she drove until she found a dinner and walked in. Walking in the direction of the bathroom many of the late night dinners looked at her with caution. Rinsing herself off and pulling out a pink baby tee and loose fit hip huggers with her leather bomber she walked out of the restroom and ordered herself dinner and coffee. Sitting in the far back at a booth with red leather seats she began to heal herself with old age spells.

Daybreak was soon coming and Jersey got up from her seat in the back and tipped the night host that was just getting ready to leave. Coming out into the dewy morning mist she made her way to her bike slowly. She didn't have any broken bones but her whole body was so sore she could barely move. Gently throwing her leg over the seat she put her helmet on.

"No need to damage myself more," Jersey mumbled under her breath. Spilling out of the dinner she made her way to sunny California.

Jersey hadn't eaten in two days that she was on the road. All she did was drive night and day hoping that she would make good time so her mother would not figure that she was out fighting Lamden the highest of all vampires. It was dawning upon lunchtime and Jersey's stomach was calling out for her to stop. Finding another dinner she walked in and ordered a stack of pancakes and coffee. Pulling her gold hair into a ponytail she sat down and read the newspaper. Her mom had always criticized her clothing style and choice of hair color, but she never paid any mind to her complaints.

Reading the small towns newspaper sipping on cold coffee she heard the familiar ding of the dinner door as someone came in. Bringing the coffee back up to her mouth she suddenly was unable to breathe. There was a thick aura in the dinner. It was so strong that she couldn't drink. Putting down her cup and looking in the direction of the door she saw a figure in dark blue jeans and a loose black shirt walking in her direction. Pulling up the newspaper she acted like she was reading hoping that the figure did not sense her aura.

"I see your scars have healed a lot," Lamden said as he slipped into a chair in front of Jersey.

"Yes they have. What are you doing here?" Jersey said and put down the newspaper and found herself staring into dark eyes that turned gold for a split second when he blinked his eye.

"Just visiting I guess."

"Why are you out in the day?" Jersey asked she had heard from the elders that some vampires went out in the day but she had never seen one out before.

"People fear things in the dark, but they embrace them in the daytime," Lamden said purposely wording his sentence so that she would have to think about it.

"Okay. You are so lucky there are a lot of witnesses around or else I would kill you right now," Jersey threatened while just figuring out what he had said in her head.

"Huh, I find that funny. Even if there weren't any bystanders you still can't seem to beat me."

"You've just been lucky that's all," Jersey said trying to defend her deflating pride.

"Personally I think its skill," Lamden said knowing he would strike a cord.

"I just think that maybe I was a little tired. You just wait till next time when you're laying flat on your back and I'm towering over you," Jersey said drinking the last of her cold coffee.

"How do you know there will be a next time?"

"Oh believe me there will be a next time. Just because you think you are all high and powerful doesn't mean that you can't be challenged and loose."

"Well, I guess we will have to wait and see if the will happen. Unless you want to fight right now?"

"Don't be ridiculous I may be head strong but I'm not stupid. I have my initiation tomorrow and believe me my mother is far worse than you'll ever be,"

"Don't be ridiculous."

"What do you mean 'don't be ridiculous'?" Jersey questioned and lowered her voice. "Just because you are a vampire and I am a witch doesn't mean that you are always better than us."

"Well, we are above you. No matter how strong your kind is, they will never beat mine all together."

"Well, I think that maybe one day that will all change," Jersey, said with a sly smile on her face.

"Really?" Lamden said raising his eyebrow.

"Yes, really," Jersey responded and lifted the newspaper backing front of her face.

"Give me your hand."

"Why would I do that?" Jersey asked and watched as he held out his hand to take hers in.

"Just hand me your hand."

"No," Jersey replied stubbornly.

"If you want to fight me again then hand me your hand," Lamden said with a serious commanding tone that made Jersey hand it to him. "Harmoniously," he chanted and placed his finger in the middle of her palm.

"What was that for?" Jersey said looking at her hand like it was poisoned.

"A light you may say. You can use it to find me if you ever want to fight me again," Lamden said and let go of her hand.

Jersey's hand fell onto the table like a dead weight. She studied her hand like it was a deadly plague and if she moved it would consume her whole body. It was pounding so hard and she could feel heat coming off of it.

"Goodbye my love," Lamden said in his hard English accent.

"Lamden," Jersey called to him as he got out of the seat turning to make his way out.

"Yes," he said in a calm voice.

"I'm not your love."

"Whatever you say," Lamden said in his cool voice and made his way out. Looking at Lamden as he left she studied his figure. She had never really had the time to actually look at him. He had dark eyes almost black that turned gold and if that happened you better get as far away as possible. He had black silky hair that reached his shoulders. Looking lower he had a nice butt.

Stop looking at my butt, Lamden telepathed reading her thoughts as he left the dinner. She forgot to put up her defenses and he could read everything she was thinking.

Get out of my head Jersey said and blocked her mind and looked down at her hand that was slowly cooling down and pounding less and less the further Lamden walked away. Getting up from her seat she waited until he was gone from sight and got back on her bike to drive that last six hours of her journey home.