The cold morning waves rushed on her bare feet as she looked out onto the water before her. The beach was still bare with only a few couples walking and bums rummaging through trash. No one noticed her and her bloody attire. Killing her mom was the hardest thing she ever had to do. She began wondering if it was worth it. Yeah she felt more powerful but what would she do with all the witches and how would she control them.

"Whatever," Jersey said out loud and threw her jacket to the side and fell back onto the sand. The waves continued to brush against her feet and her mind continued to run in circles. Feeling someone approach she opened her eyes.

"How are you Jersey?" a young girl with bright purple hair and thick black and purple eye makeup asked her sitting down beside her.

Jersey closed and opened her eyes and looked at the girl who sat beside her. "Melinda don't you have school or something to go to?" she said in an irritated voice

"Yes I do, but my sophomore year is almost over and I really don't think I'll be using half the stuff they teach me," Melinda said tucking some of her loose strands behind her ear.

"True, but you still should go. We can talk later."

"I think we should talk now. How did the fight with Lamden go?" Melinda asked watching as Jersey slowly got up from the reclining form.

"What do you think?"

"Same as always," she replied and watched as Jersey nodded her head. Looking out onto the water and the growing numbers on the beach she noticed the shape Jersey was in. "Maybe we should go and get you cleaned up."

"Yeah I guess, the beach is getting too crowded for me anyways and I need some rest."

Jersey opened the door to her large home in the Palisades. Her mom always wanted them to appear normal like they were just another family trying to find their American Dream. Easy for her to say, she didn't have to go to high school with huge bruises and have teachers ask if she was abused. Chuckling lightly she walked into the large foyer only hearing the light patter of her bare feet on the floor. She had dropped Melinda off at school earlier. She had to love that girl she would always put up a fight about going to school.

Looking around in her now empty house with no banging of pots in the kitchen or her moms loud opera music the house seemed ghostly. Walking into the rec room and turned on Seether full sound and made her way up to her bathroom. Walking up the stairs she saw many photos of her mother and her at various places. The first thing she was going to do was find her somewhere else to live. No way could one person live in a ten-bedroom house alone even if they were the head witch.

Walking into the bathroom Jersey wondered how her new powers worked. Shutting the door behind her with a snap of her fingers she giggled. Then she started working on other spells. She remembered her mother telling her of a spell which she could cast herself into another form, sort of like shape shifters but only better. Looking in the mirror she studied herself. She had one long red strand in her gold hair. She had read that some witches appearance changed some younger others older. Hers stayed the same for the most part. Touching the mirror she felt it vibrate and ripple. Pulling her hand back quickly she noticed silver on her fingertips where she had touched the mirror.

"That was weird," she said stepping back and the mirror returned back to solid form. Quickly undressing and getting in the shower she cleansed her dirty body and scrubbed until her skin was raw.

Getting out of the shower she looked back at the mirror while dressing.

"Curiosity killed the cat. But then satisfaction got it back," she said reaching to touch the mirror again. Like before it rippled. Sinking her hand in deeper she felt empty space with her hand. Pulling out her hand she looked at it, it was completely covered in cold silver.

"What the hell," Jersey said and stuck her whole arm through and was pulled to the other side. Jersey looked around in the place where she was transported. It was a huge hall with many corridors filled with mirrors and she could see through them all. Walking down further she looked in amazement that she could see into all of the many homes, businesses and cars. Anything that had a mirror she could see into.

"Amazing isn't it?" Jersey's mother said from behind her.

"Mom, I thought you were dead?" Jersey said with her mouth hanging wide open as she looked at her mother who stood before her.

"I am. Have you ever heard of a ghost my dear?"

"Yes I have, how did you get here?"

"Well who else is better than me to show you your new powers?" she asked and walked up to a mirror that showed a restroom and put her hand through.

"How are we able to travel like this?"

"Its been in the head for hundreds years. One by the name of Anmagesty created a spell that would allow her and her fellow witches to escape being hung when the trials were going on. Back then they use water, if you could she your reflection in the water then you could transport. Unfortunately," her mother sighed and pulled her hand back through. "Some used the power for evil and not a way to just escape, so only those who are the head can use the transportation now."

"Oh," Jersey said and stuck her hand through.

"Jersey, I know you will do well but I should tell you a couple of years ago there was a warlock by the name of Cold fire and he is one of the ancestors of Anmagesty and it is rumored he found a way to break into the hall. Now I must tell you, you are the only one that can close the hall and that is through our home and inside you lies the way to close it. I am sorry I had to put you in at troubled times like this," she said putting her hand on Jersey's shoulder.

"Its okay I can take care of them. You can trust me."

"I do maybe a little too much. Now run along and get out of here before you are stuck here forever looking into others lives."

"Okay," Jersey said and gave one last glance at her mother before returning to her side. Turning around she looked back at the mirror what other mysteries laid inside her home. Unfortunately she had no time to figure out and looked down at her watch she had a meeting with a shape shifter in an hour at a bar that she could not miss if she planned to succeed at her plan to bring the witches into power.