Claim: *sings* mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine..ahem yea ^_- Right between July the 11th and July the 12th of 2003

12:00 am


A false sense of peace and I am lulled by the sounds

A toilet sputters inarticulacy in a faraway corner.

Men speak in lazy tongues with silent roving eyes

Talking and breaking and living and breathing

And voices remind me I'm not alone

A movie screams, film with crashing noise

Pounding through the barriers

And laughter sounds like ghosts through walls

And the mirth reminds me I'm not alone

There is life at midnight

In the bright bulbs that shine like candles

Through the iridescence of a lofty lantern

In the footsteps that echo in hallways

And the shuffle of sandals reminds me

That I am not alone

Tires shriek past closed up doors

And raucous talking fills the silence

Of black skies with rarer stars

Always blackest before the dawn

And midnight reminds me I'm not alone.

A/N: what my house is like at midnight…more randomness from me. It was midnight and I was sitting in front of the computer so I just started writing about nothing and everything (like I usually do ^_-) and then this came out of it. I don't think this is even supposed to have a deeper meaning or anything. And this is one of the only poems I've written without thinking about. I sort of wrote it just to show I could ^__^. I'm ok with you telling me you think it's crap (partially because I finished it at 12:09 and then didn't feel like revising it) as long as you tell me why. Give me exactly what you think ^_^.