Claimer: Yea, yea you know the drill. Mine, mine, mine, etc.

July 12, 2003

2:20 p.m.

Deep Moment

It was born from shades

Of earthy orange brown

My hair spills behind the chairs

A half finished chess game

And a velvet purse.

"Want to go somewhere?"

Sour and green

The grapes in his mouth

And looks at me with private eyes

Indolent lounging—a lion's grace

Deep moment in a hazy afternoon

I ponder stars and littler things

With his hand that roves

Across the battle field.


A/N: I don't expect this to make much sense, but if you think about it, there is a deeper meaning (or at least I think so). Yesterday I was sitting and playing chess with a friend (on an oppressive and hot afternoon) with this conversation (a grand total of two sentences ^_^). Today I sat around and was writing about nothing in particular (like usual ^_-) when I thought about yesterday and wrote this poem. Took a grand total of 12 minutes baby! Tell me what you think (and why ^_^). Ciao!