Ill kill me

How dare you betray me
and try to berate me
my life long achievements
are nothing but grievance
gnawing at my mind
tearing at my soul
iam told
that I am nothing with out you
they're making me doubt you
ripping my hair out I want to shout too
but if I do they'll here
more rumors appear
how could this be ? you're nothing with out ME!
I created you
Made you with these hands
I don't understand
how you can
turn against me in the thick of it
leave me broken and sick
they don't have to like you
but its killing me too!

My choices are plain
This fight is in vain
I rize from my shame
Alone in this game ?
Game is this all a game
Am I a toy on a board
for some child to play with
maybe they don't get
how serious I am
another goddamned man
fucked by the system
take my flaws and list them
one by one so I can see them all
for one and one for me
not two or three voices
but mine alone will be heard
you don't have to hunt me any more
if you want my head as a trophy
you're two late cause I ve won
the hunt is over before it begun
I see the truth in your lies
There's no place in this world
For a person like me
A strong hold on faith malleable reality
Don't you see the jig is up the quarry is caught
Ive taken the life of which you sought

Stop stalking me now the body is long gone
You cant call me prey if I don't run away
But stand and fight my fight
Live or die
Run or cry
my dry eyes a testament to my faith
You cant take the life that doesn't exist
You cant fight a fight if everyone resists
The oncoming waves are broken by the beach
As am I standing firm as the war wages on
indifferent to the trials of an ignorant mind.