Sugar coated
~ brought to you by the makers of Migraine ~

One pill at a time I slide
Head first into an uproar
my body revolts as my mind takes flight
dragging it limply behind

fascinating lights ,
like prolonged sunsets
melting ,one into another
mutant colors
like dying rainbows

my sky is painted in undertones of death,
bright and jubilant facades
fearful I hide my eyes
and sink into the night
but the sun has yet to set

awake yet unmindful
eyes peeled like oranges
tears hanging tightly to lashes
unblinking as the world slides by

finally the sun sets
my darkness has returned
in shades of rose tinted blackness
Night ? no . just the blood vision
When eyes have colored
And mind is numb

Aah sweet relief from the trials of man
Oh how my pain thought to never end
Has been wiped away by one sugar coated pill
Finally Advil like anvils have taken me out

My mind ,
now numb grows leaden
and sinks into my dead weight body
sweating profusely in cool sheets