I looked around me, and all I can see are swirls of pale white clouds, as far as my eye can see I look to my feet to find that I'm standing on nothing, suspended on emptiness. I panic and wave my hands around to stop me from falling, only to realize that I'm not falling in the first place. The whole place was calm and tranquil, like the calm before the storm..

BREEP BREEP BREEP BREEP. I stirred gently in whatever I was lying in to the sound of an alarm clock, not yet conscious of my surroundings. I pried my eyelids open with all the will power I could summon up, and trust me; it is hard for me to wake up in the morning. Eventually, I managed to pry those lead weights open, only to stare at my alarm clock (which was still buzzing at a loud volume). It took me a while to notice the time it displayed in red.

It was 10:00AM.

I was meant to be at work by 10:30.

Suddenly, my eye widened and my body went into overdrive. I leapt out of my bed (now I was fully aware of where I was; my room) and reached for my black trousers crumpled on the floor close to my bed. I tried to slide the trousers over my legs whilst trying to bolt for the door to the living room, where I had left the rest of my suit.

Big mistake.

Now, I don't usually have a problem putting on my trousers, but trying to do two things with my legs at once is not easy, nor is the outcome a pretty sight. Tripping myself up with the trousers, I splattered face first into the wooden floor of my house, ending up in a heap of flesh and trousers. Groaning and criticizing myself for being so stupid, I un-knotted myself from the position I ended up in and put my trousers on whilst laying down, minimizing the chance of another calamity. Once done, I pushed myself up from the floor and grabbed to white shirt from the cream sofa and hastily put it on my torso. Thankfully, I had no problem there; that would've been embarrassing if I did, wouldn't it?

The next object I had to hunt down was my silk silver tie to complete the bare basics of my suit. I remembered vaguely that I had pulled it off the night before in the hallway. Making my way over there, I almost knocked over my ornamental Samurai sword from the stand in the living room. In a swift move, I managed to balance the sword whilst not losing any valuable time nor speed. Finding the tie proved to be easy; it was draped over the hallway mirror and it was only a matter of sliding to a standstill in front of the mirror to get it. Pulling the tie down, I whipped it over my head and begin to do it up. As I do this, I noticed a reddish stain on my shirt collar in the reflection. Slowing down a notch, I paid a bit more attention to it and realized that it was actually a lipstick mark. Having realising this, I slapped my head and sprawled myself on the floor beneath me.

It was a Saturday, and that meant there was no work that day.

The only reason why I realise this was because of the lipstick mark on my shirt, otherwise I would've made my way to work, oblivious to the fact it was a Saturday. The lipstick mark was a 'gift' from a colleague at last night's party. A group of us from work decided to start the weekend that evening by going to a club in the West End. Having nothing else to do, I thought to myself I might as well and agreed. Linh, who had just began working in our department had had a few drinks too many and began flirting with me (not that I disliked it, nor did I push her off, mind you). The rest of the night was a blur of neon lights and disco balls, and I think I drank too much that night myself.

After a while, I took a deep breath and sighed it out. I pulled myself up from the floor. I walked slowly towards the telephone answer machine, as I noticed that there was a small blue light from the corner of my eye in the earlier rush. I lazily pressed the 'play' button on the machine, not even bothering to look at the machine (although once I had accidentally pressed the 'delete all messages' button once). The sexy female voice announced that I had 2 new messages. It had made a nice change; usually I get 1 message a month, if that, as I have a mobile phone that everyone knows the number to. The first message was from my elder sister, Alicia.

"Hey Dano, 'ow's it been? I guess you are out clubbing right now, 'cos I can't get you on your mobile. Mind you, I don't THAT often, y'know, so you ain't changed the number without tellin' me, 'ave you? Either that, or you you turnin' into a party animal, bro! Ring me when you get back, Dano. Ciao!"

Muttering to myself that I have bad luck at her timing (I'm NOT a party animal, and I rarely go out clubbing, about once a month at the most), I make a mental note to call her, and delete the message. The next message was from Linh, which was a surprise. The sexy voice from the machine told me that it was 2:30AM when she called, so I must've been out cold when she called. Linh was still wasn't sober, because her speech was slurred and slow.

"Heya babe! [giggles) I had a nice time tonight, and I've been waiting to tell you that you're incredibly sexy, Dano [she giggle again, and then follows it up with a few 'shh'es] But you can't tell anyone I told you that, OK? Anyway Dano, we should meet up tomorrow, alright? Here, this is just for you. [she makes a big smooch sound]. Bye baby!"

Smiling to myself, I returned to my bed a laid in my bed, trying to remember what actually happened last night.