The drive to the West End proved to be quick and painless, if getting cooked in the blistering summer heat without air conditioning is painless. Thankfully, I had the hood down, which helped a little. What DIDN'T help, however, was the fact that London's air was getting more and more polluted by the day. I could hardly breathe in the air, thick with exhaust fumes. The lack of traffic on the weekends made the journey shorter than that on a weekend, so it was less painful than a week day drive to work, but never- the-less, still painful.

I arrived at the gates of Chinatown at 1:47 by the time of my Rolex on my left wrist, and Simon was nowhere to be found. Somehow, that didn't surprise me, and I knew he'd still be later than me. Not wanting to look like a complete loner, I decided to look into one of the shops on my right. The sign above the green shop read 'May Sum Bookstore Ltd' (it was in Chinatown, after all). As I glanced into one of the windows, I quickly realised that there was another person on my right doing the same thing. I turned my body slightly to take a look at the person. There I saw a cute- looking lady standing there, looking at the display in the window. I could immediately tell that she was from a Latin background from her facial features, and did she look good enough to eat, or what?! She had straight jet-black hair and a tanned complexion. Her thin eyebrows were in a slanted shape as she scanned the window in front of her. Her lips on her face were beautifully full, and they definitely looked kissable. Her cute little nose looked even cuter when she wrinkled it. I haven't seen someone this good- looking since a long time, I had thought to myself.

After a few seconds of thinking that last thought, she realised that I was looking at her, and not into the window. She turned her head at my direction, wondering who the hell was giving her a burn mark on her head. As our eyes made contact, I flashed a warm smile at her to gesture that I meant to harm, and to make it more obvious that I wasn't a psycho/ weirdo, I said hi as well. For a split second, I thought she was going to give me a massive slap and follow it up with the infamous 'privates kick', but thankfully she eased he facial expression and returned the smile. She had a wonderful smile, so full of warmth and sexiness. For a moment, I let myself fantasise about how nice it would be to hold her in my arms whilst she gave me that smile, but I quickly snapped myself back to reality. Not wanting to end the meeting there, I decided to strike up a little conversation.

'The vase (in the window) looks pretty, doesn't it?' Not the best of topics, I agree, but I was out of ideas, and I needed to have one before she left. She nodded her head and replied "Yeah, it look's pretty. I think it's from Hong Kong."

Just then, I felt someone tapping me on my left shoulder. I swung my body around to find a whale of a man with dirty blonde hair and a Hawaiian shirt: It was Simon "Heya Dano, Watcha looking at?" He inquired. I told him I was looking at a vase, and gestured to the window behind me. I turned back around to look at the cute lady as she gave me a little wave and walked off. Simon must have noticed her little wave to me, as he nudged me in the ribs and nodded his head towards her.

"So, Who's the Misses, then? She's a hottie! [and then he gives out a chuckle] So that's why you've been busy then, eh?!"

I nudged him back in the rubs (which was no mean feat, considering the amount of meat on him.

"She's just a girl I just saw right now," I told him defiantly. "I don't even know her name!"

As we walked to the new café Simon text messaged me about, I was having to convince him that I didn't even know the girl a few minutes back, but Simon was his usual self, not believing that it was all innocent. As we approached the café I ended the argument by asking him if I would bring a girlfriend to see him and embarrassing myself in front of her.

That shut him up for a minute, before the comment bounced off him and we turned our attention to a childish name-calling fight.

By the time we actually walked in the large black café, we were both laughing our heads off and had completely forgotten about the Latin girl before. A blonde waitress served us at the door, wearing black trousers, a white shirt with black tie, and covered in a white full-body apron. I noticed that Simon was looking the waitress up and down, so I hastily stepped on his foot to snap him out of his trance (to count the amount of times he has gotten us kicked out of places because he was making employees uneasy would be like counting the number of stars).I shook my head at him and wondered with a smile on my face if he will ever learn. After glancing down the menu, I ordered a cappuccino and a jacket potato filled with a prawn cocktail (I was intrigued on how it would taste like) and Simon went for the full English breakfast with a double espresso to drink. We spent the rest of the time there catching up with each other's lives, and when he found out the real reason why I've been busy was due to another girl, he almost fell off his chair laughing his head off. After lunch, we spent the rest of the afternoon looking for new gadgets and electronics down Tottenham Court Road (which is renowned for the electronics) and ended up buying a new Apple 30 GB iPod, setting me back £400. I said goodbye to Simon around 4:30ish, and set off home.

Walking back to my Audi, my mind drifted back to the girl I talked to before Simon showed up. I let myself savour the thought of stroking her sleek black hair and holding her waist with my.


Whilst my head was in wonderland, I was still walking down the street, and I had managed to walk right into a lamppost. The shock of hitting the lamppost made me fall on my back. Not a pretty sight, as you can tell. Thankfully, I was on a side street, so the lack of witnesses eased the embarrassment. I got up onto my feet and rubbed my forehead, where most of the contact was. Now I really felt like a fool, and the day was full of calamities. I thought to myself that that will teach me not to think about a stranger whilst walking down a street. Still, it could have been worst, I could've walked into a lamppost in a main street, or worse still, walked out in front of a car. That would have been nice, wouldn't it? I carried down the street and towards my car.

When I got to my car, I admired a tasty looking metallic-blue BMW Z4 parked behind mine. The model had just been released over here, and I hadn't seen it with my own eyes before, so I decided to take a look at the car from a different view before getting into my own car. As I bent down to look at the wheels, I noticed a pair of legs in black standing by my left. Looking up, I realised it was the same girl I had talked to in Chinatown. Flashing a smile and getting up, I said hi again, but her facial expression didn't ease up this time.

'Are you stalking me?!' she demanded, crossing her arms in front of her black top. "I'll let you know that I hate psychos and lunatics, and if you ARE following me, you're going to get hurt."

"I was just going to get in my car, that's all, I'm not following.." As I say this, she pulls out a car remote from her handbag and she presses the button.

I heard the beep from the BMW behind me. Uh-oh.

She glares at me, certain that I was following her. Remembering that my car actually was here, I pulled out my remote and pressed it., hoping that it would convince her that I was NOT a loony, and that it was sheer coincidence that we met up again.

Only this time, nothing happened.

Seeing that the scene was tensing up, and it looked more and more that I was stalking her, I pressed t a couple more times, but to no avail. She was getting annoyed now and pushed past me to get open the BMW's door. I turned around to look at her and tried to begin explaining.

"Look, it's not what it looks like." She starts up the engine. "My cars the one you've parked in front of!, My car s the Audi TT!" Asking for a silent prayer to ask for the damn remote to work, I press the button once more, and..

It worked.

I breathed in a sigh of relief as I finally hear the beep from my car's central door locking. I guess she must've heard it, too, as she turned off her car's engine. I finally had my chance to have my explanation heard.

"I was going to get into my car when I noticed you nice new car. I meant it is a new model, not that I know that you only had it, I mean, you could've had it for ages, or whatever,. I mean, I didn't. " I paused to recollect myself and re sort my word, as I could tell I was panicking.

"What I mean to say was, I was admiring your car, and I didn't know it was yours. I was not following you."

She reached for her keys in the ignition. For a moment, I thought she had not believed a word that I had said, and was about to drive off. Instead, she took the keys out of the ignition and walked out of the car and stood face to face to me. She had that warm smile on her face again (much to my relieve).

"Well, it looks like I jumped to conclusions, sorry."

I breathed in a sigh of relief.

"Well, we all make mistakes, huh?" I flashed her another smile. "It seems that fate chose for us to meet again, huh?"

We began talking and in the midst of the conversation, she told me her name was Max, and she had come from Cuba, which surprised me because her accent didn't give her away. I asked if she was doing anything for tonight, and she replied she didn't. We exchanged phone numbers, and she steeped into her car again, flashing me another one of her gorgeous smiles as she drove off.

I got in my car and drove home with a smile and having my thoughts on her again, making sure to pay enough attention to the road, so I would have another mishap today.