How I can I compare you
To anything but an angel?
Because that is what you are,
And you fit the role so well.

But even so,
Angels have hearts & feelings, too
And you've made the yes no decision,
That I'm not for you.
I have to respect your decision
Even though the emotions I feel
You'll never understand truly.
But I'll keep them under a seal

Because I care for you
And this will always grow,
Because the truth is
I can't let you go.
An angel and a devil
Simply aren't meant to be
Although I've denied it,
It's hard not to see.

The truth is,
I've made you a war
Of emotions and guilt,
So I won't hurt you no more.

You won't know
The extent of my love,
And how I feel right now,
Because you're flying like a dove

You're so innocent
Holding your teddy.
You rock my world
And I've got to keep steady.

Too late
I'm going under
Past the point of no return
And it's no wonder.

Still, You're an angel from above
And I'll believe that 'til the end of my life
And do you know the reason why?
Because I still dream of you as my wife