Days melt off the block of Time;
No murky shadow dares fall 'round.
Clouds part and dusk holds back
And who can recall when last it stormed?

Such a merry tale is life, as the melody
Of unremitting love is formed
That flows between his soul and mine.
By day, his words grace my ears-

"Eyes were made to see;
Faces were given to smile.
So flash me one, pretty babe.
Your eyes- they dance when you laugh."

No stranger could ever understand
The prose passed between these two pairs of eyes-
Eyes that adore, eyes that marvel...
We only have eyes for each other.

He has no ambition, except for me-
No agenda, but my every desire.
All he asks, he knows he'll have,
Yet only this does he ask of me-

"Those eyes were made to see,
And your face was given to smile.
So flash me one, pretty girl...
You're gorgeous when you laugh."

It's not that problems no longer show
Or that life itself ceases to exist-
Merely that love sustains and holds
And trouble pales against its glow.