I was sitting quiet and alone one day,
Why I was alone I could not say,
But as I was thinking all alone,
A thought approached me in an evil tone.

Torture, arson, take people's lives;
These were the thoughts I began to contrive.
A crime I must commit,
Authority I must outwit.

"No!" I jumped up and shouted,
Those thoughts were mine? That I doubted;
I rather dislike suffering and pain,
Why inflict in other when I have nothing to gain?

"Yes," I said quietly in my chair,
"I shall harm no one, not even a hair."
But at that moment my thoughts started to sway,
Could I murder and then get away?

"Do it!" some strange voices ordered;
"Everyone! That's who will be murdered!
Shoot them, stab them, and throw them in the mud,
Just as long as you have spilt their blood!"

"No, it's wrong; it just isn't right."
"Yes it is! Do it tonight!"
That when I reached down and picked up a gun,
I've decided that Satan has had enough fun.

"Yes - the weapon - now make everyone dead."
"No!" I screamed and lifted the gun to my head.
"I shall not let evil corrupt my mind,
Especially not evil of your sickest kind.

"Kill yourself, as long as a life has been taken,
No matter what death cannot be mistaken."
A sound came from the door and my heart filled with rage,
I leveled my gun to try and get out of the cage.

Before I could think the deed was done,
My friend at the door was proof the voices had won;
His body was freezing in the cold winter air,
Why had he died? It just wasn't fair!

"You have taken his life," they continued to mock,
"Stop it!" I screamed as I notice the lock,
The lock to my door lay aimlessly on the ground,
It at fallen and I had heard no sound.

The voice's laughter then soon faded,
The body, the voices, they were all shaded,
Shaded by the stings of death and remorse,
"No," I cried out with my voice sounding hoarse.

I called the police and admitted the crime,
"The voice! The voice! They did it this time!"
No one believe my story of the voices of evil,
They all claimed that it was I that was lethal.

I thought the asylum would keep them away,
But once again the voice came to taunt me that way.