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Title:Coming Out Of The Dark

Warnings:Angst,Implied Rape, Mpreg, Abuse of adults and minors.


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Rating:PG-13 through NC-17

AN: This is a universe of my own creating. for those of you that have read the

first three chapters I've corrected the misspelled words and edited the

mistakes. Also the stories taken a turn and is now a mpreg.

Chapter 1

Her name was Desire, but there was nothing about her that brought that emotion

on. The only thing I felt for her was revulsion and hate. Unfortunately for me

I had to pretend to give a shit about her. I smiled sweetly and batted my

lashes, god this woman was sick. She actually bought the act. "So how much is

it going to cost me darling?" I asked in a low voice.

She licked her lips and I had to resist the urge to vomit. *Hold it together

kid, you've got her on the edge. Just a little longer and we'll have what we

need.* I mentally snarled at my friend and told him to go fuck himself. He

wasn't the one being stroked by a child molester. I guess that's what I get

for putting myself up as bait.

My attention was drawn back to the waste of skin in front of me when she slide

her hand up my skirt. I had to grit my teeth and swear only in my head. I was

really going to need a shower after I finished this job. "Two hundred tramers

and one week of you in my bed." I shivered in revulsion, but the skank took it

as passion for her sweet tones and seeking hand.

*Hurry the fuck up. I am not kissing this bitch!* I only received a snort of

laughter in response. I sighed and turned to press closer to her. "I won't

be here long enough for us to spend a week in bed together. Besides you know

Travis won't allow me to pay more than one hundred tramers for the whole lot."

Desire's smile sharpened and her finger nails dug into my thigh. "Who said

you had to leave with him. Stay with me and you could make a lot more money

each night then you make in a full space turn with Travis."

*Oh Fuck! Tell Travis to get his ass up here NOW! She wants to keep me.*

Finally I felt panic on the other end.

*He's on his way kitten, we're finished anyway.* That was a relief.

I was ready to go. I so did not want to lose my virginity to a vile woman

who spent her life selling kids.

I was trying to ease slowly away from her and she was just following me. By

the time Travis finally made it into the room she had me pinned down on the

couch and her hand in my underwear. "What the Fuck?!" He snarled. I looked up

at him and gasped. She thought it was shock, it was actually relief. "Naria go

back to the ship and wait for me there. I'll finish the negotiations." He

snarled the words at both of us and I quickly crawled out from under her to do

as he bid. I was unnerved by the look in both their eyes as I pulled my skirt

back down over my ass. Once I was done I ran out the door and back to the

ship. I didn't stop running until I was safely in the mess and hidden from

Desire's sights.

I hated when we had to pull undercover to steal from the slaver's and the

pirates. It was scary as hell. I was the one usually chosen because I could

transform myself to look as old or as young as needed. Plus I was part of the

brains of the operation. If Travis and Falcon wouldn't work as bait it was me.

I had been a member of the crew for barely three years and had yet to tell any

of them just how old I was. They knew I was a Mordir. The Mordir are a small

race now thanks to the war of worlds. There are only fifteen of us left and

I'm the youngest. I'm also the only one on our crew.

The others consist of two Nuhjier's both of which are male and extremely

beautiful. Imagine if you will two tall, well built humans. One with ankle

length black hair, strong aristocratic features and a slightly upturned nose.

Then imagine him with ocean blue skin and silver eyes. In the middle of his

forehead is a gold star.

If you do that you would have Tier. The other is the same, but that his skin

is violet blue and his eyes are black. In the middle of his forehead is a

silver star. That is Neir he's the youngest of the two. The Nuhjier are a

healer race, neither of them carry a weapon. They don't need to we have

Violoian's on board.

They are a warrior race and they're triplets. I would love to tell you that

their vile ugly creatures, but I can't. Oh they are stunning, tall dark and

lean. They stand nearly eight feet tall and did I mention they have wings?

Black beautiful wings. They have a golden tan and midnight black hair. Their

eyes are the same color as their hair and they have silver stars in their

eyes. Falcon is the oldest by mere minutes and the hardest of the three. He

doesn't take shit off of anyone and is completely in love with Neir. They've

been married for twelve years. Eagle is the second brother and the quietest.

If he raises his voice you know your in trouble.

He's also the kinkiest of the three. Rumor has it that he proposed to Tier by

tieing him to the bed and seducing him into saying yes. Raven, the youngest,

is single. He was the one who told me the story. He's a gossip, a trickster

and the closest thing to a best friend I've ever had. Many a fool has

misjudged him and died for it. All they see is the laid back joker instead of

the deadly fighter.

Lastly and most importantly are the three humans on board. Styer the blond

pilot. He's six foot seven and another good looking rouge. He

has crystal green eyes and a scar on his left cheek from a stab wound that I

healed for him. A Torian pirate didn't like it when he told her no. The young

Terran is very gentle and fights less than Nier and Tier. Travis our captain

rescued him from a slaver and kept him after he proved himself behind the

controls. The next human is Jacob another handsome man and Styer's brother. He

is our star mechanic, he's also our only mechanic. Not that that matters. He

and Styer look alike except for the scar and the eyes. Jacob was with Travis

when he rescued Styer, it was him who lead the way to his brother. Jacob's

eyes are harder and he loves a good brawl. He's also a genius and can match

any trick that Raven comes up with. Lastly there's Travis. The man is tall and

handsome as well. He's also bossy, oppionated, rude, impulsive, loving,

generous and loyal. I like him very much. He has blue hair and green eyes.

It's a startling combination, but somehow works for him. He's a ladies man and

a damn good fighter. He survived the war and brought together his team to

start his transport business. After a few years that got to be to tame so now

they rob bandits. Me I'm the only female on board, but I'm not worried they

all treat me as one of the guys.

The look in Travis's eyes today has me worried though. He looked like he

wanted to ring my neck. I wonder if he saw my age ring. Um.. that's a birth

mark on my people that gets darker and a little larger for every hundred years

we live.

It was another hour before Travis came back and told Styer to get us out of

the area. No one left their positions until we had traveled at least four

hours. Then suddenly they were all in the mess and Travis was glaring at me.

"How old are you?"

I flushed and looked at him in feigned surprise. "Why?" he growled.

"Answer the question." Falcon ordered. I fidgeted then sighed.


"Five what?" Raven asked.

"Five years, I'm five years old." Styer looked at me in surprise.

"What is that in human years." I shifted again.

"That was in human years." Travis swore a blue streak making me angry.

"What does it matter how old I am? I do the job don't I?"

He growled and grabbed mee by the shoulders lifting me off my feet. "Your a

baby! I've been using you as bait for deviants and your a baby!" Each word

was punctuated with a shout and a shake. I crossed my arms and glared up at

him. I was furious.

"I am not a baby, do I look like a baby to you?" I growled at him.

"How old do your people get?" Neir asked me.

"We live to be thousands of years old." I answered shortly. I sensed a trap

in that question.

"I see and how would your elders respond to you being in the situations

you've been in?"

"I don't know they're all dead. There's only fifteen of us left and the

oldest is only sixteen human years." They all looked at me in disbelief.

Oh this was so not my day.

Chapter 2

I glared up at Travis and growled at him. "Put me down."

"Not until you tell me why you never told us your age." He snapped in return.

"This is why! I'm not human, but I knew that you would treat me like a child

if I told you. Not to mention the fact that you never asked me how old I was."

I snapped back. I didn't want to leave the ship, but I would if we couldn't

work things out. I was not a child and I would not put up with being treated

like one. I had worked with them, bled with them and stole with them. If that

wasn't enough to earn me the respect that they had for each other then I would

go somewhere else. I was so upset that I didn't realize that I was projecting

my thoughts to Raven.

Damn! She's really upset. I don't want to lose her, she's the closet thing to

a sister that I have and we need her on the ship. She has done more for our

operation in the last three years than we had done in the ten before. If

Travis and the others pushed her any further she will leave. Don't get me

wrong I'm upset over the fact that she never told us her age. Yet we really

don't have a reason to bitch. We all have secrets and she's right we never

asked her anything. I had forgotten that the Mordir were decimated by the war.

Though finding out that only fifteen of her people survived and that they were

all children was stunning. I knew we had to find them. There was no telling

the trouble that they were in. Yeah I know, I'm thinking of them as children.

By all the stars they are though. Even among my people they are considered

infants. We age one year for every ten human years. Neir and Teir are the

same. Our two races are known to mate for that reason alone. The fact that we

had always assumed that Styer at 19 was the youngest of us didn't help


Neir brought my attention back to the pair with his next comment. "Na, you

have been placed in situations that were extremely dangerous. At your age that

is not acceptable. Travis is correct you are still a baby. On our world you

would not have even left the cretch yet. To know that we have placed an infant

in a dangerous situation is to much to process." I winced at the snarl that

brought from her.

"I am not from your worlds and I am not an infant!" She roared the words. She

kicked Travis in the thigh and he dropped her with a grunt. That was the last

straw for her. "When we reach the next port I'm so off this ship. I refuse to

be treated as a child by people who's lives I've saved and who should have

more respect for me." Her voice was cold and she turned to leave the room.

Styer was the one who stopped her from leaving. Later we would all thank him

in different ways. We were acting stupidly, but none of us wanted to lose her.

"Don't go." She stopped and looked back at him. "Stay with me Na. I can't lose

you." His voice was softly pleading. The rage on her face disappeared and she

smiled at him.

"Okay. I'll stay, but the rest of you leave me alone." She growled at us and

motioned Styer to come with her.

I felt the air rip from my chest when she said she was leaving. I love her so

much I can't see my life without her in it. She doesn't treat me different or

baby me because of my past. I never had a sister, just Jacob and Travis. Now I

have a whole family. Na may not admit it, but she's protective. She almost

killed that pirate last year when he tried to rape me and cut my face. The guy

didn't know I was protected by a Mordir. By the time the others came he was

floating upside down and begging for death. Na has a great imagination. I had

never even seen a person who could fuck themselves, but it was interesting and

scarry to. I guess it was a good thing he was flexible or he might have broken

his back. It was amazing how many of those pirate's suddenly decided I was off

limits. I knew when they started going at her over her age they were going to

make her mad. I mean she hated it when they did it to me. I had to beg her to

stay. Thankfully she did. I just hope they don't make her regret it. Cause if

she leaves I think I'll go with her and I don't want to lose the others.

Chapter 3

* indicate mind speak.

Raven flexed his wings and winced at the sight of them. They were in desperate

need of preening. Na or Styer usually offered to do it for him, but they were

avoiding everyone still. It was hard to figure how they were managing it. The

ship was large, but not that large. *I wish you would talk to me.* he sighed.

Usually Na just ignored him and Styer told him to go away.

*Sleeping leave alone or join.* Came the sleepy command. Raven grinned. Styer

was so sweet like that. They had all had a chance to calm down and realize

just how far they had pushed Na. Travis was trying to find a way to salvage

his pride and still apologize.

Raven laughed softly. *I'm sorry.*

*Should be...I'm awake now.* Styer growled. Na's laughter drifted over the

link and he knew he had been forgiven.

*Come to my room, I'll preen your feathers.* Na told him with amusement. Raven

grinned and headed down the corridor.

*I'm coming too.* Styer laughed.

As he reached her room Styer came out of his yawning and stretching. Raven's

heart stopped for a second. *So beautiful.* Styer froze and looked at him in

surprise, then blushed. Na opened her door and grinned at the pair.

"Your still projecting." Raven blushed and looked down as well. "When are two

going to admit you want one another?" They looked at her in surprise. She

rolled her eyes and pushed Raven toward Styer. She then pushed them both into

Styer's cabin and closed the door. *Have fun, I'm closing off my part of the


Raven looked at Styer and waited to see his reaction. His heart stuttered

again when the beautiful boy peaked up at him between his lashes. He stepped

forward in a daze and gently cupped the boys cheek. Styer sighed and leaned

into the touch. *Wanted this for so long.* Raven shivered at the thought.

Styer had dropped all of his shields and they were connecting. He could feel

Styer's cheek under his hand and through the connection his feelings at the


Leaning down he caught the boys mouth with his. They both moaned at the first

touch. Any thoughts of waiting were gone at his first taste. Raven deepened

the kiss and pulled Styer deeper into his embrace. He lifted him gently and

growled when Styer wrapped his legs around him. *Mine!* Raven snarled.

*Always.* Styer returned. He whimpered and deepened the kiss. He had been

waiting so long for Raven to see him.

They fell gently onto the bed with Styer still wrapped around Raven. Styer

whimpered in lose as Raven began to pull away. *Easy baby boy, I want us both

naked.* Styer shivered and let his legs fall open. He slowly removed his arms

from around Raven's neck. For his part Raven was close to coming at the sight

of Styer spread open beneath him. He gently removed the T-shirt and oversized

shorts. Each piece of skin unclothed was licked, sucked and bitten. Styer was

shifting and whimpering. Never had he felt this way. No one had ever touched

him. Raven heard his thoughts and the were enough to calm his ardeur. He

licked and nibbled at Styer's thighs Causing the boy to pant. He was making

the most wonderful sounds and Raven wanted more. He turned his head and lapped

lightly at the pretty prick in front of him.

Styer screamed and Raven had to clamp down on the base of his cock to keep him

from coming. *Not yet baby.* He soothed, waiting for the sensations to ease.

He then returned to the tasty shaft. He taught Styer the wonders of teeth and

tongue. Finally when Styer thought he would go out of his mind with need Raven

swollowed him whole. Styer screamed and bucked out his release. Raven purred

as he drank his lover's essence. Gently licking him clean.

Raven moved up to Styer's mouth and let the boy taste himself. *Do you have

lotion?* he asked softly.

*Yes...drawer.* Styer was trying to regain his thoughts. Never had he felt

such a thing.

Raven quickly got the lotion then turned back to Styer. *On your knees love.

It will be easier that way.* Styer did as he was bid and Raven purred again.

He had longed for Styer for so long. Now he would have him. Styer was dimly

aware that Raven was naked and idly wondered when he had gotten that way. Then

all thoughts disappeared as Raven began to gently message lotion into his

entrance. The feel of the finger breaching him made him gasp. It didn't hurt

it just felt strange. Raven held his hand still then began to carefully thrust

his finger in and out. Soon it was joined by two. *Hold on baby, I'm going to

give you a treat.* Before Styer could figure out his meaning Raven crooked his

fingers and rubbed over the hidden gland. Styer screamed again and arched into

the touch. Raven turned Styer's face to him and kissed him deeply as he added

a third finger.

*More...Gods!* He cried out as he thrust back against the wonderfully seeking

fingers. He whimpered in loss when Raven removed his fingers.

*Shh..take a breath sweetheart.* Styer did as he was told and mewed when Raven

began to thrust inside. He thrust in and out shallowly, each thrust got him

deeper until he was fully seated in his love. He held still as Styer panted

and writhed beneath him. Soon neither could hold still and they began to move

as one. The speed increased as did the pressure inside him. *Who do you belong

to?* Raven suddenly growled.

*YOU!* Styer screamed through their link and exploded taking Raven with him.

Raven had enough sense to fall to the side and gather his love against his


For several minutes neither moved. Raven was idly running his fingers through

Styer's hair. *Have to get Na a present for this.* Styer thought sleepily as

he cuddled further into Raven's embrace. Raven's laughter was the last thing

her heard before drifting into sleep.