Title: Mommy and Daddy

Author: Caliadragon

Category: Original

Parts 1/1

Warnings: Violence, Child Abuse

Pairing: None

All characters and situations herein are mine.

AN: This is a story that came to me and that I have been ignoring for a while.

Lately I haven't been able to ignore it so here it is. This deals with violence against minors. Please do not read if you have dealt with the subject at hand. If you or someone you knows is in a situation like this, don't lose hope. Try to get away, and remember you did nothing to deserve to be hit.

Thanks to Edi for the beta.

The first time he hit her, she was three. The little girl didn't remember it,

but others did. She remembered being told she wasn't good enough. That her

mother was a whore who spread her legs for some man and got her as a punishment.

She knew that the man she called Daddy, wasn't her Daddy. He told her so when

he was angry and Mommy was gone. He told her so when he beat her so badly she

prayed for death.

When she went to school she had no friends, because Daddy said she didn't

deserve any. Daddy said she was an abomination. The little girl wouldn't know for many years what that meant. When she found out she cried and found

something sharp to take away the pain.

Mommy cried and held her for hours that night. Daddy just laughed and took her to the hospital, where he changed. Daddy went from pain and cold, to comfort and kind. It hurt, because she could see the real Daddy hiding inside.

When she left the hospital with Mommy they didn't go home. The car just kept

going until they were somewhere else. Daddy found them, but Mommy stood up to

him. Now Daddy's in jail and Mommy's in heaven. The little girl is now a

woman. She looks at the grave that holds her Mommy's shell and over at her

daughter and husband. She smiles, because now she is safe and happy. All

because her Mommy loved her enough to make her safe.

The End