I've never felt so betrayed

How is it fair that I am stuck with this face

I hate all the laughter and I hate all the stares

I hate everybody but who really cares

The world has never felt so cruel

What did I do to deserve all this hate

The blood from my wounds makes a bottomless pool

No one can help me, no one can relate


Mirror, mirror

I hate you so

You show me what I hate to know

Mirror, mirror

Break me now

I want to be different, show me how


The voices have never been so loud

Why is it that no one can hear them but me

What is the point of life, when life ends in death

Is this a dream, a false reality

If I cut myself open and bleed on the floor

Is it a figment, or is it much more

How do I know this even exists

Will I wake up for real if I slit my wrists


Dreams, dreams

I fear you so

You tell me what I hate to know

Dreams, dreams

Could this be real

Does anyone know the way I feel


Slipping away in another world full of anger and pain and compassion for individuality rules the world and governs our thoughts of happy feelings that we can only feel when we enter the world through our dreams


Fear, fear

I love you so

You've taught me everything that I know

Fear, fear

Help me fly

Tonight I'm finally going to die