The Kidnapper Song by The Wizzard

Hello little boy
Do you know who I am?
If you don't, well that's OK
Because you're gonna forget all about that
(When I offer you this big shiny toy)

Come here little girl
Hey, I'm not a stranger
I'm a friend of your parents
And by the way, they died in an accident
(So I'm supposed to give you a ride home in my car)

Hey, wait a second!
You've got a perfect smile
Along with great complexion
And I work for a modeling company
(So come with me into this alley so I can get a picture of you)

Leave me alone kid
Wait, what's that you just said
Your Daddy has lots of cash?
Do you want this big, tasty piece of candy?
(And by the way I've got a whole lot more in the trunk of my car)

Hey kid, you look tired
Do you want a ride home?
Feel free to hop in my car
Oh, there's a policeman; better get moving
(And pay no attention to my facial features or license plate number)