The air I breath
Is the same as yours.
The world we live in
Shared forevermore.
So why do people say we're different?

Why is the color of my skin
Thought of as a sin?
I thought this was a land of freedom.
A land of equality.

Red, white, and blue.
All three have different meanings,
All three of different hue.
Yet Americains think of them as equal.
Why can't I be equal to you?

You say that I am different?
Well, that's just sad.
Segregation's illegal,
And racism's bad.

You are white,
And I am black.
Yet some people
Would like to hack
My head off as if I'm no more than a bug.
A minority, scowled upon.
I'm tired of your jeers.
Bug's have feelings, too.

The Civil War is over.
Segregation's through.
Why can't we just be friends?
Why not me and you?

Because I'm black, you say?
Because you're scared of the KKK?
Why should you be scared?
It's me they want dead,
Gone, banished forever,
Leaving my family, if not murdered,
Into eternal misery.

My blood's red.
Yours is too.
Don't you see?
My eyes are blue,
Just like yours.
I'm tired of slavery,
I'm tired of wars.
Segregation, racism,
I'm trapped in a prism,
A zone where people gawk at my skin.
Some are short and some are thin,
But why can't we all win?