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Jewel Knights

Episode One: Intros Alpha and Omega

Author's Note: This is a co-written with Diamond King!

WARNINGS: Drugs, alcohol, obscenities, violence, rape, shounen ai, and… I hope I didn't forget anything…

It was the year 3006. Countries, provinces, states… Many changed their names as we know them today. But the planet's names stayed the same. Intergalactic travel became frequent, and new planets were discovered. Humanity began populating other planets. Throughout this, a mysterious race cropped up. Many scientists guessed what had created them, but none of them knew for sure.

This race was born with gems in their foreheads which gave them incredible powers; usually in correspondence with their gem. Many of them weren't even born to parents with gems, which made them even more of a mystery. Two hundred years ago, the Galactic Police Force began recruiting people of this race. A super-hero force, if you will.

This force was called the Jewel Knights, and this is their story…

Team Alpha

In a dingy apartment situated in the slums of the urban Earth city called Ri Dei Mana, four people sat in their slightly dirty living room. Ri Dei Mana was a city known for its excessive amount of crime, vices, and poor people. Kind of like the New York of their time. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in June, and it was a little warm outside, and Team Alpha was on their last day of vacation.

Diamond sat on a brown couch that had once been red, not quite relaxed. He had white hair that fell to his chin in front, but was short and choppy in the back, and ice blue eyes. His shoulders were stiff, his arms were crossed, and his face was set in an expressionless mask. He wasn't typically expressionless, but the person at his feet might explain why he looked the way he did.

Sapphire sat cross-legged on the floor in front of Diamond, sketching furiously in his notebook. He paused every now and then to look up at Diamond, scrutinize him, and then went back to his scribbling. His dark blue hair, which was chin-length and curled outwards, was now in front of his eyes and his slim, wire-rimmed glasses slowly inched down his nose. He didn't seem to mind. He was in some far-off place only he could escape to.

Across the room, on a loveseat with an ugly floral print, sat Ruby. She had long, waist-length red hair and vivid red eyes and dressed in male's clothing—even boxers poked up from her baggy jeans. One leg was propped up on the arm of the loveseat. The other was swinging back and forth to the beat of some music playing on MTV. She held the remote, proving that guys didn't always have control over the television.

Emerald sat at the coffee table, his legs tucked under him fastidiously, trying to drown out the loud hip hop music blaring from the television and finish his homework at the same time. He couldn't do it in his room because there wasn't a desk in there, and the kitchen table had been taken in for repairs after Ruby had leapt on it, chasing Emerald down when he'd refused to give her a kiss. He blushed feverishly at the memory, wishing he hadn't recalled it at all.

Finally, Diamond had had enough. He wrenched the notebook out of Sapphire's surprised hands and snapped the book shut. Sapphire looked up at him and blinked.

"What was that for?"

Diamond scowled. "I do not appreciate having you stare at me like some statue. Why don't you try drawing someone else?" He looked pointedly at the other two, who certainly could care less if they were used as a model in Sapphire's drawings.

Sapphire put a finger to his lips thoughtfully, cocking his head to the side. "Why? I chose you." He beamed up at Diamond. He had the crush of a lifetime on the hard-as-nails Diamond. But Diamond…was as unyielding as his name.

Diamond's scowl deepened. "Does it look like I give a fuck? Now, stop drawing me."

"I have," Sapphire pointed out cheerily. Which was true, since he no longer had the notebook in his hands to continue doing so.

Diamond chose to ignore Sapphire's witticisms. He opened the notebook and thumbed through it, vaguely curious. All he saw were pictures of himself. He glowered down at Sapphire.

Sapphire looked back up at him, blinking. "What is it?"

Sapphire hoisted himself onto the couch. He peered over Diamond's shoulder. He glanced at the sketches, and the photos of Diamond taped to the pages, and the watercolor paintings…of Diamond. Sapphire was far from shy in his affection for Diamond. Then he looked up at Diamond, who now looked more puzzled rather than angry.

"What is it?" Ruby asked, suddenly intrigued by all the fuss over Sapphire's work. She sat upright and waited for Diamond to show her, or toss the book over. He did neither. He looked at Sapphire curiously. Sapphire gently took the book from Diamond and shut it, smiling mischievously, and hugged it to his chest.

"Hey!! I wanna see!" Ruby complained. She looked at Sapphire in appeal. "Show it to me will ya, Saphie?"

Sapphire smiled secretively. "No, I don't believe I will."

Emerald sighed in exasperation. "Ruby, it's only obvious that they're pictures of Diamond. Or hadn't you noticed that Diamond's acquired a stalker?"

Ruby smiled slyly. "Do you wanna stalker, Emie-poo?"

Emerald paled. "No, actually, I enjoy my privacy-"

Ruby pounced on Emerald, knocking his books and homework papers everywhere.

"Ruuuuby!!" Emerald whined. "My homework-!" His hand grasped at air, trying in vain to rescue himself from her iron vise of a grip. Stupid Jewel Knight of Fire and her accursed strength!

Ruby ignored Emerald's prying fingers and nuzzled him, her face like a cat.

Sapphire took this opportunity to escape the cross-examining redhead and beat a hasty retreat to the room he and Diamond shared. Only Diamond watched him leave. The other two were involved in their own affairs.

It was then that the phone rang. Diamond actually jumped a little, startled out of a Sapphire-induced reverie. Ruby scrambled to get to the phone before the fourth ring, which was when their phone usually switched over to their answering machine. She was dying for a job. This vacation business really sucked.

"Hello?" she cried eagerly. "We'll take the job!"

"Oh, hello," answered a familiar girl's voice on the other line. She sounded less than enthused. "I thought you were still on vacation."

Ruby's big smile drooped. "What do you want, you bitch?"

"Er, let me have that!" Emerald snatched the phone from Ruby. Ruby growled in anger. Diamond got up and left the room, well aware whom the caller was.

"Hey, sis!" Emerald crooned happily. "When did you get back?"

Peridot, Emerald's older sister, lived with her own group a few blocks away. There were three groups of them in this city alone. They were called Jewel Knights. Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby made up the group called Alpha. The groups had been sent by the Galaxy Police to keep this small part of Earth free of an enemy menace, but so far, they hadn't encountered any such thing. They mostly solved petty crimes, like theft, attempted murder, and muggings. Occasionally, though, they heard of the Dark Jewel Knights' exploits with other groups. And although they were here on Earth right now, they could always be reassigned another place; which actually happened quite often. They had been living in Ri Dei Mana for only three months, for example.

Peridot's group, called Omega, had just finished a requested mission to thwart a black market ring two cities away.

"Oh, about two hours ago," Peridot answered nonchalantly. "How are things there?"

"Same old, same old," Emerald replied dismissively. "How was the mission?'

"Not so great…" Peridot said slowly, as though she didn't want to say what came next. "Amethyst got in a bit of trouble."

"Oh?" Emerald didn't care much for Amethyst, who was always "in a bit of trouble".

"Yeah. We found out that he was actually a part of the group."

Emerald was silent. He didn't know what to say to that, it was actually too predictable for words.

"Emerald? Are you there?"

"Yeah. So, did he get arrested?"

"No. Turquoise sorted things out."

"Ah. Turned into a cop, did she?"

Peridot caught the disapproval in her little brother's tone.

"Yeah. Even Garnet didn't think she should have helped him out. He needs to learn a lesson."

"Or ten."

Peridot laughed a little. "Yeah…"

"So, is that what you called about?"

"Well, actually, it's about Amethyst. I think he-."

There was a strange crackling noise on Peridot's end and then her phone went dead.

"Peridot?" Emerald cried anxiously into the phone's receiver. "Peridot??"

There was no answer and Emerald hesitantly put the phone down.

What was he going to do? His sister might be in danger.

"Diamond!" he called, clutching the collar of his uniform tightly as his head filled with all manners of the gruesome things that might've happened to his sister.

Diamond stood in the doorway. "Yes?"

"I think something's happened to my sister."

Diamond stared at him. "Let's go."

"What about Ruby and Sapphire?"

"Is your sister really in danger?"

"I'm not sure… There was this weird noise, then the phone went dead."

Diamond frowned. "Hmm…"

"Should we go?" Emerald asked worriedly.

Diamond contemplated. "Have you heard from Sigma yet?"

Emerald shook his head.

Sigma, another Jewel Knight group in the vicinity, had also been on a mission.

"Something fishy could be going on. They were supposed to be back a week ago."

Sapphire, who had silently snuck up behind the two, piped up.

"Well, we aren't that close to Sigma, though…"

"And the only reason we're close to Omega is because Peridot is your sister," Diamond pointed out to Emerald, ignoring Sapphire. Sapphire looked away, hurt in his eyes.

"Well…" Emerald said, wringing his collar viciously. "I vote we go. I'm really worried."

Sapphire didn't say anything. He sucked in his bottom lip and nibbled on it. He fingered a pencil that was tucked behind his ear.

"Let's go," Diamond agreed wearily. He gave Sapphire a severe look. "You stay here, wait for news from the others. And do not tell Ruby where we are. If this is a mistake, she'll blow it all way out of proportion."

Sapphire nodded. He narrowed his eyes coolly at Diamond. Diamond looked away. "All right. We're off."

Emerald raced to the door so fast he nearly tripped on a half empty pizza box lying on the floor. Ruby would have snickered had she seen it. Emerald blushed at his stupidity, but he realized that neither Sapphire nor Diamond cared whether he tripped or not. It wasn't a big deal. Why did he always have to make himself feel so humiliated?

Diamond and Emerald were out the door. Sapphire slammed a fist into the wall, laid his forehead against the cool tile and let out a shaky sigh. Damn him. Damn him for even existing.

"Heeeello!!" Ruby sang, grabbing Sapphire around the neck and attempting to make him give her a piggyback ride. Sapphire, not as strong as the tall girl, fell over. With her on top.

"Ouch!!" Ruby complained. "Why the hell did you do that, you wiener head?!"

"Hey now!" Sapphire cried. "Whose fault was that?"

"Psh. Not mine."

Sapphire rolled his eyes, sat up and pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. He should consider himself lucky she hadn't questioned Emerald's whereabouts.

"So!" Ruby crossed her legs Indian style and grinned like a wolf. "What was that all about?"

"You jumped on me and-" Sapphire feigned dumb.

Ruby narrowed her eyes dangerously. "Oh, you know what I'm talking about."

Sapphire laughed and stood up. "Shouldn't you go torture Emerald or something…?" Sapphire felt like slapping himself for his stupidity. "Er… I meant, well, um…"

Ruby cocked an eyebrow. "What's going on, Sapphire?"

"What do you mean?" Sapphire asked, fumbling for a truthful excuse not to answer truthfully. Which was utterly impossible. Why did Diamond expect so much out of him?! "I, um, well that is we… Er, hmm, how shall I put this…?"

"What's going on, Sapphire?"

"I. Uh. Well…" Sapphire scratched his head, at a loss.

"WHAT'S GOING ON, SAPPHIRE????" Ruby grabbed Sapphire by the neck and shook him violently.


Ruby blinked and stared. "What the hell was that?? I didn't understand a word of it."

"Heheheh. Good."

A scary smile slowly slid across Ruby's face.

"Oh no."

"Oh yes."

"Oh NO."

"Oh YES."




Garnet was in his room playing his guitar. He was playing a song that he and his late band had composed a while back. Years ago, in fact. It was a sad, melancholy song. His old band had played a lot of good rock tunes, but of all of them, this was the slowest and saddest of them all.

Turquoise overheard it from her own room down the hall and walked into the room.

"Hey Gar! Whatcha playin'?" she asked cheerfully. She disliked it when her friends were sad and gloomy, and she felt it her sworn duty to right all the wrongs in their apartment.

Garnet glared at her, which would usually send a normal person running away. But Turquoise, knowing him too well, merely copied him until he stopped. "Don't call me that," he finally said when he realized she wasn't going to go away and let him alone.

Turq rolled her eyes. "You still didn't answer my question." she said tauntingly.

He growled and was about to answer when Amethyst came in un-announced, causing Garnet to glare at him.

"Hello, Gar-net!" Amethyst said in a mocking singsong voice. He caught the glare Garnet was projecting and scowled. "Why the fuck are you looking at me like that, eh? This is my room, too, ya know."

Turq knew that Garnet wasn't going to answer, so she stepped up to his defense. "But you still could have knocked! It's rude!"

Amethyst glared at her in disgust. "It's rude to enter my own bedroom? What happened to our 'free country', eh? And why the hell are you in here anyway?" Amethyst pulled his black biker gloves tighter around his knuckles and gave the two a conniving smile. "You two getting it on? My bad. Maybe I should have knocked." He snickered coldly.

"Hey, we weren't-!" Turquoise began, but was quickly intercepted by the lithe Amethyst.

"I knew you were a slut the moment I laid eyes on you," Amethyst said loftily, his crimson eyes glittering dangerously.

At first Turq started to get angry, but then she started to cry a little and left the room. This got Garnet upset. "You didn't have to say that to her. Go apologize."

"Hell no."

Garnet growled low, his eyes burning with hatred. "Go. Now."

"Why should I apologize for telling the truth?!" This, of course, caused a large argument, in which there were sounds of somebody getting hit and furniture being broken.

Turq was crouched out side the door, listening. She was saddened by Amethyst's rough words, even though she was pretty sure he didn't mean it. On the other hand, she glowed inside at the thought of Garnet defending her.

Peridot walked up to Turquoise. "What's going on? The phone-" Then she heard the sounds of fighting. "Garnet and Amethyst again?" she asked tiredly. Turquoise nodded.

"Let me handle this."

"With pleasure!" the younger Jewel Knight said eagerly.

Peridot stormed into the room. "I can't believe this!" Her outburst caused both fighters to stop. It was apparent that Amethyst had been on the receiving end of the fight, as he had blood gushing out of his nose and a black eye, not to mention the bruises on his arms and the ones covered by his clothing. Garnet was currently straddling the young purple haired boy, who looked like a cat in water. This effect was made more so evident; as the only sign the fight hadn't been one-sided were a few long scratches on Garnet's face.

"Don't you dare hit him again, Garnet!" Peridot cried. Garnet made no move to either strike Amethyst or to remove himself.

"We are a team!" Peridot announced. "We may not get along but we are like a family! Now, Amethyst, apologize to Turquoise."


"I said NOW!"

Amethyst mumbled a barely audible apology. Peridot could get scary when she was mad!

"Apology accepted!" Turquoise responded cheerily, glad to no longer have a reason to feel blue.

"Garnet, I appreciate that you're starting to warm up to us, but beating up Amethyst is no way to make friends." Peridot said reproachfully, hands on her hips.

"Hey! He didn't beat me up!" Amethyst cried, looking up from where he lay sprawled on the ground beneath his attacker, bloodied and bruised.

Peridot rolled her eyes. For the first time Garnet smiled (at her at least). "Okay, Peridot. I'll try harder."

"Good, good!" Peridot clapped her hands and smiled, too, pleased with her progress.

"Let's go bake cookies!" Turquoise cried happily, bouncing around the room. Peridot laughed.

"Yeah, that sounds like a plan," Peridot agreed. "See you guys later." She gave both boys a dark look. "And don't you dare start fighting again."

Amethyst rolled his eyes. "If we do, we'll promise to be real quiet so as not to make your cake get all deflated, okay, Drill Sergeant Peridot?"

Peridot rolled her eyes and left the room, choosing not to goad the brat on, nor point out that cookies were not the same as cakes. Turquoise bounded after her, humming happily.

Garnet glowered at the prone boy beneath him.

"What are you glaring at, Gar-net?" Amethyst asked, smirking. Garnet grabbed the boy's wrists and pinned him flatter than before and got real close to his face. Amethyst's finger's dug into Garnet's palms.

"What the fuck, man? Let go of me!"

"You don't know how much I wanna beat the living pulp outta you right now," Garnet said in a low voice before getting up and leaving the boy alone on the floor. Amethyst shivered and stared at the ceiling.

I hate it here.

The ceiling was all brown with dust and cobwebs. But there really was no point in cleaning an apartment that was only temporary. Amethyst turned to face the empty doorway.

"Fuck you and yer mama!!" Amethyst called, too weak to get up and shove dung down the guy's throat.

"You too!" Peridot yelled back, unperturbed.

"Fuck, man…" Amethyst breathed. "I wasn't even talking to that bitch."

Amethyst returned his gaze to the ceiling and sighed. The air felt rather warm around him suddenly. He felt dreamy and floaty, like before he sank into sleep.

Geez, and I thought I was getting enough sleep. It can't be that stupid little fight with Garnet. I've gotten into worse scrapes than THAT without getting this tired…

Amethyst's thoughts wavered off as his brain decided to shut down. His eyes closed drowsily and then…

Whack! There was a sharp kick in his ribs jolting him wide awake.

"Hey! What the fuck, man?! Can't a guy get his forty winks here, or what? Geez!"

Garnet leaned down and gave him a hard look.

"Shoulda known it was old Gaaar-nett looking for a little action." Amethyst smirked. "If you want me that badly-"

"Like hell," Garnet growled. "Someone's set off sleep bombs."

Amethyst's eyebrows rose. "Nice cover, freak-"

"I am not shitting you, jack ass," Garnet grabbed Amethyst's upper arm roughly and dragged him to standing position.

"What the fuck? Don't touch me!" Amethyst wrenched his arm free of Garnet's grasp, so violently that he stumbled back a few steps. "And anyway, how the fuck would you know if somebody's set off sleep bombs?"

Garnet grabbed Amethyst's wrist and pulled him out of the room. Amethyst twisted his arm trying to get free, but was saved the trouble. Once they reached the kitchen, Garnet let go and pointed at the girls, who lay in a heap on the floor, cookie ingredients strewn everywhere.

"My Gawd!" Amethyst shrieked in a mockery of a girl's voice, bringing his hands to his mouth in feigned fright. "What could have happened?"

Garnet didn't bother answering. They both knew the answer.

"Well, shouldn't we…" Amethyst yawned loudly.

"We need to get out of here."

"Shall we leave the little sluts, then?" Amethyst asked lazily, crossing his arms behind his head and smiling with an infuriating "you-can't-touch-me" air.

Garnet gave Amethyst a threatening glare, and Amethyst, though he shut up, couldn't hide the twitch in his lips.

"You are asking for it." Garnet said through clenched teeth. He bent and picked up Peridot, the heavier of the two. "I trust you can at least pick her up," he said gesturing to Turquoise.

Amethyst immediately bristled at the comment. "Oh? And what the fuck are you trying to say, eh?"

Garnet found no reason to answer this, either. He strode out of the room, wondering if there were any other surprises waiting for them. They'd have to search the entire apartment building, if not to find any other menacing objects, then to at least get rid of the sleep bombs. Or they could just get a new place; it was almost time, anyway.

Amethyst growled softly under his breath and went to pick the sleeping girl up when he was grabbed by the ponytail and wrenched close to somebody's body. Amethyst instinctively tensed and tried to pull away, but there was a knife pressed to his throat. He winced as it nicked him, swallowing in terror, and shrunk from the sharp point of the knife.

"Don't move, pretty boy, or you'll be freed of your head."

Amethyst opened his mouth to retort, then closed it. His hands were growing cold with sweat. Despite his brain willing him to forget the fear, his emotions were getting the better of him. His heart was pounding horribly fast, he felt like throwing up and screaming and crying all at once. But not because of the knife.

"Are you scared, little one?" the man asked, laughing in a low, raw voice, bringing the knife to his neck, so that the cold metal pressed lightly against his white throat. At the same time, he stroked Amethyst's cheek.

Amethyst trembled, a horrible chill crawling up and down his spine.

"L-let go of me, you sick fuck," Amethyst said softly, his voice a whisper.

"Ah, is the little kitten going to wet himself?" the man's lips caressed the boy's ear. Amethyst closed his eyes tightly.

Where the fuck is Garnet? What, does he think I'd take THIS much time getting Turq out of here? I wouldn't do that to her. I'm not THAT heartless.

"Do you remember-" The man began, but was interrupted when the front door swung open.

"Amethyst, WHAT are you-" Garnet's angry, impatient tone died when he saw the scene before him.

Amethyst's eyes shot open, and he hated himself for it, but he glared defiantly. 'Great,' he thought. 'Make him go away and leave me alone with this fucking bastard…'

But Garnet's eyes flashed dangerously and he made no waste of time drawing his weapon and taking on an unmistakable battle stance.

"Let go of him or I will be forced to kill you," Garnet said, his voice low and obviously very, very pissed.

The man smiled maliciously and gave Amethyst a kiss on the cheek before letting Amethyst go. He kept his eyes on Garnet the whole time. He didn't leave until after he gave Amethyst a pat on the ass and blew him another kiss, and then he disappeared in a wall of smoke.

Garnet lowered his weapon warily, then turned to Amethyst.

"Who was that?"

Amethyst refused to look Garnet in the eye. "Hell if I know, man. Probably just some crazy fuck looking to have some fun."

Amethyst could feel his eyes on burning into him, but he still would not look Garnet in the eye. He picked Turquoise up off the floor and mutely walked past Garnet, still avoiding eye contact.

"Where are we gonna leave them anyway?"

Garnet closed the door behind them, but said nothing as he went and lifted Peridot of the grass.

Amethyst gripped Turquoise tighter, angry at the lack of response from Garnet.

"Come on, Garnet. Don't fucking play with me."

Garnet turned around and looked Amethyst straight in the eye. Amethyst looked away.

"I don't like staring contests, Boss-man." Amethyst said testily. "Never did do well with the pieces of shit."

Garnet still said nothing.

"What the fuck??" Amethyst cried, frustrated. "Can't you fucking speak, man?"

"Do you mind not using that word every five seconds?" a sleepy voice cut through another bout of silence.

Both boys looked at Peridot.

"You're awake," Amethyst said, surprised.

"Isn't THAT obvious?" Peridot said, rolling her eyes. "Can you put me down, please?"

Garnet let her down.

Peridot smoothed out her dress. "Something's going on. First the phone went dead, and now this sleeping gas. I want to know who's behind this." She looked pointed at Amethyst.

"What? It wasn't me."

"Yes, I know that. But what about one of your unsavory friends?"

Amethyst grimaced, then crossed his arms tightly. "What makes you think that?"

Peridot sighed. "Because you have a knack of making friends with the wrong type of people. Drug addicts, alcoholics-"

"That reminds me…" Amethyst dug out a tiny bottle from his long coat and uncapped it. "Cheers." He gulped the whole thing in one swig.

"What is that?" Peridot said in a scolding tone.

"Gin. What does it look like?"

Peridot snatched the bottle from his hands.

"That solves everything, doesn't it?" Amethyst snickered. "Maybe you shoulda done that when there was actually something in it, eh?"

Peridot scowled, but didn't get the chance to chew Amethyst out. She saw her brother running over to her, looking frightened.

"Emerald? What are you doing here?"

"Well, when the phone went dead, I…" he spied Turquoise in Amethyst's arms. "What happened? Did you do something to her?"

"Course not!" Amethyst said defensively. "What do you take me for, a sex maniac?"

"Why not?" Emerald asked scathingly. "You do everything else."

"Shows how much you know, doesn't it? Never shot up heroin." Amethyst replied smugly.

Peridot looked shocked at this. "Are you saying you've done drugs?"

Amethyst shrugged. "Here and there. You live on the streets, you're bound to try one or two, maybe six…"

Peridot glared. "So what HAVE you done, then? I know you drink, you're a regular alcoholic," she looked at the empty bottle as if to emphasize her point. "And I've seen you smoke… What were you smoking?" she asked suspiciously.

"Sometimes regular cigarettes, sometimes pot, when I can get it," Amethyst said offhandedly.

"Pot??" Peridot looked at Garnet to see if he was hearing this. He was, by the look on his face.

"See?" Emerald said. "You probably ARE a pervert."

Amethyst thrust Turquoise into Garnet's arms. "That's it! I am NOT a sex-crazed lunatic, you little bastard!"

With that, Amethyst shot at Emerald and the two were embroiled in Amethyst's third fight of the day, the first being with the Arabian behind the 7-11 counter when he refused to let Amethyst have a pack of cigarettes.

"Oh, for heaven's sakes!" Peridot pried the two apart. "Amethyst, what is WRONG with you?"

Amethyst frowned.

This time it looked as though Amethyst could best his opponent, as Emerald was covered in scratches and a few bruises. Amethyst was untouched, if you didn't count the battle scars he won earlier from Garnet.

"Can we stay with you guys a few days?" asked Peridot, directing her question to Diamond, who stood just behind Emerald.

Diamond shrugged. "I suppose. Why?'

Peridot gestured to the house. "Somebody not only cut the phone line, but they also let in some sort of sleeping gas. That's what's happened to Turq."

Amethyst glanced at Garnet, waiting for him to tell her what had happened earlier, but he said nothing. He didn't even acknowledge the fact that Amethyst was gazing at him, somewhat relieved. He didn't want to have to explain THAT whole thing. And Peridot would never let him go until he answered. And she could tell when he was lying.

"Well, let's go then," Diamond said, starting to leave. The others followed. Emerald caught up with Diamond.

"Why did you let him stay?"

"Why did I let any of them?"

Emerald went silent.

And that was that.

To Be Continued...