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Jewel Knights

Character Database

Jewel Knights:

The Jewel Knights are a unit within the Galactic Military comprised entirely of a species called Jewels. Jewels are a subspecies of the human race, characterized by the presence of a jewel that is embedded on their forehead since birth and (usually) a corresponding "jewel power" granted to them by their jewel, or so it's assumed. How they come about is currently unknown and under heavy research and speculation. For one thing it doesn't seem that being a Jewel is entirely hereditary. While there is some correlation between genes and the chances of a child being born as a Jewel, the chances of having a Jewel for a child are more likely to occur randomly.

There are Jewel Knights everywhere, on different planets, in different cities, each from a different culture. Though they are a minority, they are still prominent.

Team Alpha

Name: Diamond

Jewel Power: Impenetrable defense of all kinds

Birthday/Sign: December 1/Sagittarius

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Weapon: Katana

Looks: White hair and ice blue eyes. His hair style is mussed and short in the back, with long chin length hair in the front. He usually wears a long sleeved shirt with jeans. His height is tall, at about 5'9". His gaze is usually hard and some would say cold.

Personality: He is cold and calculating, and sometimes his own group believes he is soul-less. However, his methods usually have a way of working out, because he analyzes everything and tries to focus on tasks at hand. He doesn't ever let his emotions take the better of him, and he certainly doesn't take time out of life to smell the roses. When the group isn't fighting crime, he is constantly doing work-related things and getting ready for the next encounter.

Special Abilities: He's actually very good with technology and can hack into any mainframe. He can also easily short circuit robots.

Theme Song(s): Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

Likes: Order, training, meditating, educating himself

Dislikes: Distractions, how he can't seem to let himself feel

Jewel Knights

Name: Sapphire

Jewel Power: The ability to detect truths and untruths, however, he himself is unable to utter a lie. He can also manipulate water and effect it on a molecular level (meaning he can freeze water, create fog, etc.).

Birthday/Sign: February 13/Aquarius

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Weapon: Swallow

Looks: He has chin-length dark blue hair that flips outwards, in which he wears barrettes. He wears small rectangular shaped glasses and usually has a paintbrush or pencil behind his ear. His dark blue eyes are usually little half-moons, as he always seems amused by something. He is of average height, around 5'7" and slender, as he doesn't really work out so much as he has a fast metabolism (he can eat anything he wants and not gain a pound!) Although he seems clueless and a little out of it for the most part, he is always there for his friends when they need help.

Personality: He is a very friendly, amiable person who looks out for his friends. His feelings aren't bruised very easily, as he can see when people don't mean what they say. He believes there is an innate goodness in everyone. He is a little ditzy and very forgetful. He is always forgetting keys and where he put his pencil (behind his ear!) but he won't forget important things like his friend's birthdays.

Special Abilities: Can tie a cherry stem with his tongue, and is very artistic. He can draw things from memory.

Theme Song(s): True Colors by Phil Collins

Likes: Drawing, painting, sculpting, Diamond, carrot cake

Dislikes: Coffee, guns

Jewel Knights

Name: Ruby

Jewel Power: The ability to manipulate and create fire. She also appears to have some augmented strength, though that has yet to be determined.

Birthday/Sign: April 9/Aries

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Weapon: Martial Arts

Looks: Long, loose waist-length hair of vivid red frame her heart-shaped face. She has smiling red eyes and a very masculine sense of style. She even wears boxers underneath her baggy jeans. She is tallish, at 5'11", and she is very careless about her appearance, although not completely unhygienic. She doesn't wear make-up or spend time on her hair.

Personality: She is boisterous and not very feminine. And although she is irresponsible most of the time, she is a strong believer in not aiding and abetting delinquent children. She smokes occasionally and her words can be strong as her physical power, but she is a great friend to have when in need. And not such a great enemy. She can't seem to leave poor Emerald alone, either…

Special Abilities: She's pretty good at knocking heads to get peace. She's actually a fairly good break-dancer and song/lyrics writer.

Theme Song(s): The Life by Alicia Keys, Trouble by Pink

Likes: Rap, hip-hop, TV, Italian food, sweet little boys (especially Emerald)

Dislikes: People abusing authority, creeps, Seasons, Peridot

Jewel Knights

Name: Emerald

Jewel Power: Healing Powers, ability to help plants grow and heal wounds

Birthday/Sign: September 30/Libra

Age: 11

Sex: Male

Weapon: Razor Wire

Looks: Round green eyes and chin length green hair with no bangs frames his round and childish face. He is actually fairly tall for his age, already standing at a round five feet tall. He wears conservative clothing, and he's pretty expressive. It's easy to tell what he's thinking just by looking at him.

Personality: He likes to get things done. He gets a perverse pleasure in cleaning and organizing. He loves to study, and hates it when things (mostly Ruby) get in the way of it. At the same time, he is still a child and he enjoys watching cartoons or eating sweets. Emerald has had a lot of pressure put on him at his age, and as a result, may be a little afraid of the unknown. He hates taking risks.

Special Abilities: Has a photographic memory, and can memorize long chains of numbers. He is a mathematical and science genius.

Theme Song(s): Because of You by Kelly Clarkson

Likes: Neatness, organizing, lists, books, history, science, math

Dislikes: Disgusting messes or slobs, getting hit on

Jewel Knights

Team Beta

Name: Peridot

Jewel Power: Teleportation

Birthday/Sign: August 9/Leo

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Weapon: Rapier

Looks: Chin-length light green hair framing a long thin face with intelligent green eyes. She usually wears very Gap-like clothes, she likes to be in the fashions, but at the same time professional looking. She is 5'6" and has an average girl's build, not too thin, not too fat. One would say she was pretty average to look at.

Personality: She's the one who mediates and sort of leads her group around. She's naturally bossy, and can be downright pigheaded about some things. She hates chaos and does her best to prevent it. Though nice, Peridot is the quintessential mother archetype. She likes her group, but Amethyst is a problem case for her and she gets frustrated with him. But she believes he needs structure and discipline, and she won't hesitate to dish it out. She is also very protective of her brother.

Special Abilities: Can remember building layouts to use them for later.

Theme Song(s): What it Feels Like for a Girl by Madonna

Likes: Del Taco, the smell of new pencil, cartography, architecture

Dislikes: Being in the backseat, taking orders from stupid people, Ruby, hairy men

Jewel Knights

Name: Amethyst

Jewel Power: Wind elemental powers, which helps make him swifter, and a better marksman when throwing daggers, also can track scents

Birthday/Sign: December 17/Saggitarius

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Weapon: Daggers

Looks: He has violet hair and eyes, his hair is a little over-long, but barely touches his cheeks. He wears his heart on his face, anyone can tell what he's thinking by just looking at him. He dresses pretty casually; jeans and a shirt with a long coat for concealing weapons and stolen merchandise.

Personality: He is basically an asshole. He curses like a sailor and is resistant to touch. He isn't easy to get along with at all, but he starts to grow on you once you get used to him. He fights like the cornered alley cat he is; with every resource available. Even though he is prickly on the outside, inside, he is pretty shattered and depressed and has very low self-esteem. Innocents tend to make him feel guilty (like Turq). He is stubborn and refuses help from anyone.

Special Abilities: He can pick locks with ease, steal things without anyone noticing, and he's got pretty good aim with his daggers. He has a quick eye.

Theme Song(s): The Kids Aren't All Right by Offspring, Giving In by Adema

Likes: Alcohol, rock music, getting into trouble

Dislikes: Perverts, being touched, being alone, pop music, cartoons

Jewel Knights

Name: Turquoise

Jewel Power: The ability to copy the abilities of another jewel. She can also shape-shift. She is able to keep some abilities that she learns and, with training, could perhaps learn to keep all abilities.

Birthday/Sign: November 21st/Scorpio

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Weapon: Think of what the child of a mallet and a war hammer would look like, and you have Turquoise's weapon. The war mallet (as she calls it), has a long reach, but isn't as long as most long-range weapons. It doesn't change shape, unlike its master, but instead it changes colors with each power she copies or person she impersonates.

Looks: Turquoise isn't too tall, standing at only 5'4", but then again with a larger-than-life attitude, she doesn't need height. She has cyan shaded hair that's styled in a high pony-tail and perky baby blue eyes. She has a pretty healthy build. She looks her age and is always giving a smile that could put the sun to shame. Its rare (and currently unheard of) to ever see a frown on her face unless her feelings are hurt.

Personality: Turquoise is very perky, childish, adventurous, and just so excited about everything. For her, just eating breakfast is a reason to celebrate. She loves life and lives it to its fullest, and she loves people as well, not matter what. She has so much love to give that it's sweet, but dangerous at the same time as it makes it easy for her feelings to get hurt. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has no problem with crying in front of others. Ironically enough, she isn't an airhead. At least, she's not as air headed as she seems to be. She's very helpful and while a little gullible, she learns her lesson the first time around. Very affectionate, very caring, and believes that everyone has a good side.

Special Abilities: She can memorize any song that she's just heard, she can actually hold a conversation with Garnet, and is a fast learner being able to learn just by watching once.

Theme Song(s): Hero by Mariah Carey, Journey to the Past by Aaliyah

Likes: Everything nice just about, Garnet (not like like, but more like a brother), cookies (both eating and making them), making new friends

Dislikes: Sardines, mean people, fighting (arguments), blood, seeing Garnet sad

Jewel Knights

Name: Garnet

Jewel Power: Sound manipulation in that he can increase sound waves to the point of being physically harming, he can negate sound waves to create perfect silence. His sound blasts are strong enough to shatter steel. Can create super sonic shouts (he doesn't scream), or deep rumbling vibrations that have the same effect as the supersonic shouts. He can also influence others through sub-vocal (below the level of conscious human hearing) sonics; this is more of a subtle "nudge" or subconscious suggestion rather than outright mind control.

Birthday/Sign: January 1st /Capricorn

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Weapon: Bastard Sword

Looks: Standing at a tall height, Garnet is rather lanky, but he isn't all bones; Garnet is pretty strong with a sinewy build. His skin is somewhat pale and his hair is a dark shade of red and spiked. His eyes are a mysterious shade of obsidian, while his face is a constant mask. He's either frowning, glaring, or blank. It's extremely rare that he smiles, and when he does it's almost never for a good reason. Even then it isn't a smile…it's more like a smirk.

Personality: Garnet is…well, he's Garnet. He does everything silently and without drawing attention to himself and he seems to be perpetually grouchy. He likes to be alone and has no problem showing his displeasure when messed with. He has a nasty temper and can be quite physical when he wants. He's not one to be messed with. It takes a lot of work to find a place in this haunted musician's heart, but if someone does the impossible and succeeds, it should be known that Garnet does care about those who he considers as friends or more, but you'd really have to know him to even see how he shows it.

Special Abilities: Kick-ass guitarist, amazing vocals, and he's sexy –winkwink-.

Theme Song(s): Wake Me up When September Ends (Green Day)

Likes: Music, solitude, Amethyst, Turquoise (though he's never admit it, but he does care for the younger girl)

Dislikes: Amethyst, laziness, everything else in general

Jewel Knights

Team Sigma

Name: Pearl

Jewel Power: Psychic abilities; more so talented with telekinesis, but he's also pretty good with telepathy. Also shows some light manipulation abilities (hard light, shields, but nothing like invisibility), among other psychic traits…

Birthday/Sign: June 21st/Cancer

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Weapon: Composite bow.

Looks: Not too tall, Pearl is extremely feminine in appearance and in dress. He has long pure silver hair that's styled in thousands of small braids and is usually held in a high pony-tail, and lovely pink eyes. He has a graceful build and is as delicate as he looks, but don't let that fool you; if he doesn't get you with his arrow, his telekinesis and telepathy will even the playing field. For all his femininity, he's dangerously close to cross-dressing most of the time but not quite. On his forehead is a cute pearl.

Personality: Around strangers Pearl is usually quiet, as he's shy. He's gentle by nature and would rather be in the background, providing support. He's always happy to be of service, but is terribly afraid of messing up. In short, Pearl is just too cute and sensitive for his own good. Everyone in his group seems to be rather protective of him. His best friend is Aquamarine, and he has quite the crush on Topaz. He's often second guessing himself.

Special Abilities: Can form psychic bonds with close friends, knows multiple languages

Theme Song(s): Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

Likes: Topaz, Neko (his cat), his friends, milkshakes, meditating, classical music

Dislikes: Being the center of attention, being in unfamiliar places, reality shows

Jewel Knights

Name: Aquamarine

Jewel Power: The manipulation and creation of electricity. Super-speed (when running at her top speed she actually turns into electricity) and swift reactions.

Birthday/Sign: October 30th/Scorpio

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Weapon: Sais, and a glaive

Looks: Aquamarine is tallish, standing at around 5'8". She has a lithe, but healthy build, and stronger than average legs. Her skin is a light shade of peach, and her short hair is a shade of grey. Her eyes are obsidian, having a depth to them that makes her seem older than what she is. She wears oriental style clothing, having a taste for Asian fashion. While it isn't rare for her to smile, you're more likely to be met with a serious, no-nonsense look. Despite the fact that she does a lot of running, nine-times out of ten her foot-wear will have heels.

Personality: Sheer willpower are the two words that comes to mind when on thinks of Aquamarine. She isn't silent, she isn't submissive, she isn't a bitch (much), and she really isn't too nurturing to most. She's tough, and she has an iron will that breaks most people who try to go up against her. She's sharp, always examining a situation and acts as second in command to the group, and the tactician. She seems to come off as serious, though she does have a nice side. She acts as a sister to Pearl, a sort of mother to Topaz, and love interest to Opal.

Special Abilities: Is quite the excellent fighter, even without her weapons. Also has an impressive memory.

Theme Song(s): Neptune, the Mystic by Gustav Holst

Likes: Reading, running, Opal, Pearl, Topaz, planning, storms.

Dislikes: Quartz, anyone hurting/messing with Pearl, perverts.

Jewel Knights

Name: Topaz

Jewel Power: Energy generation and manipulation. His energy can give out heat, light, and concussive energy. He can create a number of energy constructs.

Birthday/Sign: December 5th/Sagittarius

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Weapon: Energy blades

Looks: Topaz stands tall and is lanky. He isn't all skin and bones, though; quite the contrary. He's all skin and sinew. He's stronger than what he looks, though it's hard to tell since he likes to dress in baggy clothing. That and he's a little messy. His hair is a vibrant shade of orange and his eyes match in shade. He always seems to be grinning at some secret joke.

Personality: Topaz is a joker. He hardly takes anything serious, and it's doubtful that he even takes his position as leader serious. He actually is serious, though. Whenever he's alone and he looks up at the sky, he's usually contemplating something. He seems to be quite the player, dating whoever he wants, almost as if he's searching for something. He also seems to be fond of Pearl, giving the younger boy pet names.

Special Abilities: Acrobatic, intuitive

Theme Song(s): Best of You, Foo Fighters

Likes: Pearl (though he'll deny it), sex, sleeping

Dislikes: Neko, responsibilities (ironically enough), loosing, seeing Pearl cry

Jewel Knights

Name: Opal

Jewel Power: Super strength, superhuman endurance, and geokinesis.

Birthday/Sign: October 31st/Saggiterius

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Weapon: His mitts

Looks: Tall, strong, and proud, Opal is the type of guy that you'd probably associate a jock with. He isn't muscle bound, but he is quite muscular. His hair is plain brown, while his eyes a green with brown speckles. He's handsome, and just seems to command respect without even speaking.

Personality: Pervert. That's Opal. He's almost like a big child sometimes, often pulling pranks with Topaz, making passes at Aquamarine (with the occasional grab), and acts as Pearl's big brother. He's protective of everyone, and is very dependable. He's the type to try to find the positive in things. He loves battle and was born in the wrong era; he should've been a Spartan in ancient Greece.

Special Abilities: Great fighter; knows some things about guerrilla warfare. He has a great sense of direction.

Theme Song(s): Sugar, We're Goin Down by Fallout Boy

Likes: Aquamarine, his friend, food, football, hiking, teasing Aqua

Dislikes: Bananas, classical music, waiting

Jewel Knights

Name: Neko

Jewel Power: Flight, and the ability to shape-shift, but only into his 'big' form.

Birthday/Sign: ???

Age: ???

Sex: Male

Weapon: Claws? Teeth? Who needs weapons?

Looks: Neko takes the form of a small, grey furred kitten with a matching grey jewel on his forehead. The Jewel is currently unidentified, but Neko is one of the few classified animals born with jewels. It's actually a debate whether he was actually born with the jewel at all. His larger for looks the same, though he more so resembles a large mythical cat rather than a kitten.

Personality: Neko is mischievous. He likes sneaking and snooping, mostly because he knows he'll never get into trouble. Oh, sure, Pearl will lecture him but all he has to do is break out the kitty eyes and he'll have Pearl lavishing him with attention once more. Yeah, he likes attention. Neko is smart, smart enough for Pearl to communicate with (indeed, Pearl has a psychic connection with Neko) and serves as an impromptu bodyguard for Pearl. Oh, yes, and he hates Topaz.

Theme Song: Animals get theme songs?

Jewel Knights

Dark Jewel Knights:

The Dark Jewel Knights are a unit in a coalition of people and nations who oppose the United Nations (which not only includes all nations on Earth, but all nations that wish to be a part of it, no matter what planet) and the Earthen Government. They wish to actually destroy the Earthen government, for reasons mainly rooted in what everyone wants; power. The main purpose of the Dark Jewel Knights is to either convert Jewel Knights to their side, capture any Jewel Knights, and in many cases out and out elimination of Jewel Knights. While they may be your quintessential bad guys, the Dark Jewel Knights aren't evil, in the traditional sense.

The Dark Jewel Knights stationed on Earth report to a man named Quartz. He may seem incompetent at times, but he's highly skilled. There are actually few who are superior to him (as far as rank is concerned). The soldiers of the DJK usually wear a black uniform with the letters 'DJK' etched on the left shoulder of whatever uniform; of course not all uniforms will seem so obvious…

Name: Quartz

Jewel Power: Energy conversion (making it hard to attack him with energy based attacks), self explosion

Birthday/Sign: September 10th/Virgo

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Weapon: Double-headed axe (also called a labrys, or a sagaris)

Looks: Quartz is tall, dark, and handsome. Ok, scratch out the dark part, but everything else is fairly accurate. He stands at around 6'3" and his skin is somewhat pale. Not unhealthily pale, but just a natural paleness. He has light pink eyes and matching hair, but a rugged handsome face that off-set the…pink. He usually wears a black military uniform, both in and out of battle.

Personality: Angry, clumsy, rude? Yeah, that's Quartz in a nutshell. He isn't really a nice person and is actually quite evil, but his gross incompetence hardly makes him a threat. Still, he shouldn't be over-looked as the moment he spots his chance he'll take it. He isn't below sacrificing team-mates if he needs to further his own agenda or simply ensure his survival. He's loyal to those higher in power to him, but those under his command are worthless unless they prove otherwise.

Special Abilities: He's a surprisingly skilled juggler, which is ironic given how clumsy he can be.

Theme Song(s):

Likes: Aquamarine, juggling, sex, senseless violence, giving orders, (oddly enough)…Citrine, the twins (Lapis & Lazul)

Dislikes: Topaz, Opal, Pearl, most of his own teammates, the color pink…

Jewel Knights

Name: Citrine

Jewel Power: Superhuman reflexes and photographic reflexes (the ability to copy any move that she's seen and is physically capable of), and she's able of moving at super speeds in short bursts. It's debated whether or not she has some luck manipulating ability.

Birthday/Sign: April 10th/Aries

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Weapon: What looks like a sword, but is actually so much more. Nanomachines transform the sword into just about any weapon that Citrine desires. Because she can mimic and remember a number of fighting styles, sometimes she'll need different weapon.

Looks: Citrine has beautiful locks of golden hair and vibrant baby blue eyes. She doesn't have the whole lady look of Moonstone, nor does she have the tough look that Zirconia carries. Citrine kind of looks like a kid with her pixie-like looks and her mischievous grin. She dresses in warm colors.

Personality: Citrine is rather preppy. She's not hyper, or childish, she just has a lot of energy and a lot of zeal for what she does. She doesn't let anything get her down and simply laughs insults off. During battle she smiles and laughs as if she's having fun. She isn't crazy, no, she simply views fighting as a game that she's proven to be better at than most people. She doesn't care about the pain of others, as she doesn't see it.

Special Abilities: Is an accomplished star-ship pilot.

Theme Song(s): Cherry Lips by Garbage

Likes: Sun bathing, fighting, chaos

Dislikes: Disloyalty

Jewel Knights

Name: Zirconia

Jewel Power: She can transform herself into a perfectly smooth, flexible, translucent diamond-like substance (that isn't actually diamond) that gives her super human strength, superior speed and agility, increased defenses, and enhancing healing. She can also transform her limbs into weapons (like a sword or whatever) or tools.

Birthday/Sign: December 1st/ Sagittarius

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Weapon: Usually transforms her arms into swords, hammers, and even pendulums

Looks: Zirconia isn't too remarkable. She pretty tall at 6' and has a strong build. She doesn't look masculine; rather she's probably what an Amazon would look like. When not transformed she has short brown hair that cups her face and sea-green eyes. She's average in appearance, but she doesn't really care. When she activates her jewel power she transforms into a blue translucent diamond-like substance and her eyes become pure white.

Personality: Zirconia is quiet. She isn't shy, she's just quiet. She seems to be bored with everything she does and everything she sees. She's rather obedient but she'll do everything with an 'I-could-be-doing-something-else' attitude. Even during fights she seems bored unless she's met with a challenge. That's the only time when she truly comes alive. If it isn't dangerous or life threatening, she could care less. This woman doesn't know the meaning of the word 'fear'. Why? Is she courageous? No, she's just apathetic.

Special Abilities: Good a sketching

Theme Song(s): Nemuru Omoi by Megumi Toyoguchi

Likes: Fighting, lemonade, sketching

Dislikes: Everything and everyone else

Jewel Knights

Name: Onyx

Jewel Power: Summon Dark and Volcanic Creatures

Birthday/Sign: April 8/

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Weapon: Razor Blade

Looks: Mid-shoulder length black hair and round black eyes. She usually looks quite dispassionate and usually is. She wears all black, and the occasional red. She has a fierce look about her, and she is certainly no damsel in distress.

Personality: She is a gothic girl all the way. She is sarcastic, and seems to have a never-ending supply of biting one-liners. Deep down, she is somewhat insecure, and she feels she has to push others away before they do it to her first. She seems content having no friends, and the only person who really knows her is older brother.

Special Abilities: Can play the violin

Theme Song(s): Everybody's Fool by Evanescence

Likes: The rain, stuffed animals, cats, poetry, Obsidian

Dislikes: Preppy people, cheerleaders, making friends

Jewel Knights

Name: Obsidian

Jewel Power: Turns into Dark and Volcanic Creatures

Birthday/Sign: June 9/Gemini

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Weapon: Zanbato

Looks: Short black hair, intense blue eyes. Obsidian looks very intimidating, tall and somewhat muscular and clad in black armor when he is on the job and all in black clothing when he is not. His gaze is intense, and many find themselves squirming under it. He uses this to keep people from even approaching him. Those who can brave the look impress him.

Personality: He seems very serious and goal-oriented, and easily irritated by Carnelian's affectionate friendship, but he secretly admires Carnelian. The only people he shows his secret soft side to is his sister, and on occasion, Carnelian.

Special Abilities: Is very good with knots of all kinds

Theme Song(s): So Contagious by Acceptance, The Scientist by Coldplay

Likes: Pie, Carnelian, Onyx

Dislikes: Disco, onions, fish

Jewel Knights

Name: Carnelian

Jewel Power: Spiritual powers; he can heal another's pain by taking it into his own body, and by looking into another's eyes (the window of the soul), his spirit can enter another's body.

Birthday/Sign: January 5/Capricorn

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Weapon: Nodachi

Looks: Small and fragile, with dark blue hair, bangs falling into his eyes and light lavender eyes with long lashes. His hair is pulled back into a high ponytail. His large eyes, though slightly slanted on the edge, are round and look quite innocent, but he is far more skilled than one would think upon looking at him. He is one of the best fighters in the Dark Jewel Knights team.

Personality: When one first meets him, he seems kind of shy and quiet, but he is actually rather whimsical in personality. He has a giggly type of laugh, and can be quite playful, acting a little bit femmy. Like, he'll link his arm through another man's, because he's into men… Especially Obsidian. He especially likes to tease guys who are resistant to his charm (Obsidian).

Special Abilities: Knows the human body exceptionally well, he can instantly kill or instantly heal.

Theme Song(s): Chloroform Kiss by From Autumn to Ashes, Sorrow by Flyleaf, In The End by Linkin Park

Likes: Reading, training, Obsidian, curling up cozily with a book

Dislikes: Thinking of the past, the future

Jewel Knights

Name: Lapis

Jewel Power: Gravitakinesis (manipulating gravity). When touching his twin, both Lapis and Lazuli can effect gravity to do a number of things concerning gravity.

Birthday/Sign: May 11/Taurus

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Weapon: Meteor Hammer

Looks: Lapis shares his twin's yellow-orange hair, but rather than it being wild, his hair is tame, though his eyes are the same vibrant shade of green as his twin's. His hair is cut short. He stands at 6'2" and has an athletic build. He actually wears shirts, unlike his twin. He has a dragonfly tattoo on the back of his neck.

Personality: While consider Lapis the more serious twin, he's not what one would assume when they think of 'serious'. Lapis knows how to have fun and how to get work done. He likes parties, he likes to drink, he loves copious amounts of sex, but at the same time he's able to figure out his priorities. He's always looking out for his twin, making sure that he's staying out of trouble while also making sure that no one is taking advantage of his stupidity. Lapis sometimes seems to be protective of Lazuli…especially when regarding Jade. Aside from his eternal devotion to his brother, he's rather selfish.

Special Abilities: He has an impressive memory and is good a multi-tasking. He can also keep his calm when dealing with Lazuli.

Theme Song(s): Smooth Operator, by Sade

Likes: Alcohol, lots of sex (he's addicted actually), sleeping, pulling pranks with Lazuli

Dislikes: Being bored, anyone hurting/taking advantage of Lazuli, his twin's singing (though he won't tell him), pop singers, public transportation

Jewel Knights

Name: Lazuli

Jewel Power: Gravitakinesis (manipulating gravity). When touching his twin, both Lapis and Lazuli can effect gravity to do a number of things concerning gravity.

Birthday/Sign: May 11/Taurus

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Weapon: Nunchaku

Looks: Wild yellow-orange hair and restless green eyes set in a usually grinning face. His hair is to his shoulder-blades and usually pulled back into a messy ponytail. He has insane sideburns. He is nicely muscled and usually goes shirtless to accentuate this fact. He is tall, at 6'2", though even with height; he isn't very intimidating with his stupidity and infectious happiness. He has an enormous tattoo of a dragon on his back. There is a black widow on his shoulder.

Personality: He is mostly like a dog, very easy to please, loyal, and stupid. He likes to goof off a lot, and can usually be seen drinking some rum and living it up. He sings like a dying cow, but that doesn't stop him from doing it. He is actually a very good person, innately. He helps old ladies, and stops to make faces for babies.

Special Abilities: He is double-jointed. He can snap his jaw loudly. His burps are obscene.

Theme Song(s): Life is Good by LFO

Likes: Pulling pranks, alcohol, a good meal, cleanliness, fighting, singing

Dislikes: People who get in the way of a good time, food touching each other

Jewel Knights

Name: Jade

Jewel Power: Seduction

Birthday/Sign: September 29/Libra

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Weapon: Whip

Looks: Long shoulder-length black hair, slanted dark green eyes with red eye make-up. He has a very Asian look. He wears a black leather jacket over a tight red shirt, and tight leather black pants. He wears red and black boots. His expression is usually sultry, though he has a temper and looks angry just as often. He has a sexy bod, which he maintains religiously, and is tallish, at 5'9".

Personality: He is very flirty, with both males and females. He doesn't take no for an answer, either. (He's not used to hearing it, that's for sure) He is spoiled rotten and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He is also very seductive, and likes to play with people's minds.

Special Abilities: He can do almost any kind of dance, fairly good singer as well (he's all about entertainment). He knows many ways to pleasure his partner.

Theme Song(s): I Want Your Sex by George Michael, Come on Closer by Jem

Likes: Sex, being spoiled, chocolate, the colour red, clothing, money

Dislikes: Not having his way, ugly people

Jewel Knights


Of course there are those who don't fit any category just yet, or who just don't belong to anywhere, but are still worth remembering.

Name: Seasons

Jewel Power: Unknown…

Birthday/Sign: August 7/Leo


Sex: Male

Weapon: Claws/Scythe

Looks: He has half-moon cat eyes of crimson and hair that hangs a bit past his chin, spiky in the back and hanging in his face in the front. His hair is black with red tips and his eyelashes seem to long for a man. He is tall and very slender, with a very pale complexion. He wears an extremely tight black tank top, black choker with a steel buckle, tight pants, and knee-high black leather boots. Over these clothes, he has a red and gold Chinese robe that hangs casually from his shoulder most of the time. He has unnaturally long blood-red nails.

Personality: Oh so whimsical and nobody has ever seen him other than quietly amused. His movements are lazy and languid, yet very sensual, like the cats he commands.

Special Abilities: He is extremely flexible. And much faster than he looks.

Theme Song(s): Dangerous to Know by Hilary Duff

Likes: Cats, wine, playing games

Dislikes: Being straightforward

Rundown: A strange man who visited and encountered Teams Alpha and Beta and is, as Ruby described him "Really weird" and, as noted by Garnet "very skilled". He has a group of hellcats who always seem to follow him around. Little is known about him since, as he pointed out, he's not known too well.

Jewel Knights

Name: Sandstone

Jewel Power: Elemental Power of Sand; can make sand people to do his bidding and cause sandstorms, etc…

Birthday/Sign: July 15/

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Weapon: Metal Fans

Looks: Sandy brown hair which is chin-length in the front, and nape of the neck in the back. He has round, innocent hazel eyes framed by long gold lashes. His expression is usually quite vague, as though he is only half-there, but there are times when his gaze becomes unusually intense out of nowhere. He wears a tan cloak over a white long-sleeved shirt with sleeves that bell out and are a little overlong. He wears a black vest over the shirt and a red bow-tie on a black leather collar. He wears also wears black short-shorts and white stockings with black shoes with buckles.

Personality: A bit cocky, but he seems to know exactly when to quit and run, as well. He is a little out there; and spacey most of the time. But he can become quite dangerous if one lets him. His sleepy look belies a raging torrent of emotion underneath. He has extreme experience in being a poker face.

Special Abilities: Very good at hiding any true emotions. Best poker face around. Deadly accurate when throwing the fan, but mostly a defensive fighter.

Theme Song(s): Getting Away with Murder by Papa Roach

Likes: Sleeping, tactics, precise movement

Dislikes: Unknown

Rundown: A boy who Amethyst and Turquoise met while searching for their group in the sewers, Sandstone is a boy who is the lone survivor of his team, the others being killed, forcing him to take refuge in the sewers of the city, or so he says. He finds Amethyst to be…cute.

Jewel Knights

Name: Colonel Adam Dominique Daaé

Birthday/Sign: Classified

Age: 58

Sex: Male

Weapon: He carries a blaster pistol on his person when he can, though he's certified to use over two dozen types of weaponry and still can if the situation calls.

Personality: At first Colonel Daaé seems to be an ornery old man. While he is, for lack of a better word, grouchy at times, Colonel Daaé is a decent man with morals, values, and such. He's also very assertive. He's quick to put a subordinate or even a peer in their place and has no time for foolishness. He's hard on his soldiers simply because he believes in tough love. He cares about every single man and women in the United Galaxy Space Military, but he doesn't let that cloud his judgment.

Special Abilities: His glare alone has made people faint in the past, he's also good at pulling strings and always seems to have a contact in a certain area, no matter what.

Rundown: The Colonel serves as a liaison between Team Sigma (and sometimes the other teams?) and is one of the few who support the Jewel Knight division of the military whole-heartedly.