You're still in our hearts

It started out a normal day

Except that the sky was dull and gray

I got ready to go to school

Thinking how you were so cool

I talked to the friend you thought was best

You deserved, of course, nothing less

A call, she said, was what she needed to do

She obviously hadn't known what had happened to you.

I walked into class and up to the board

I talked and drew and did things I could

The news that came was so vile

All I could do was claim denial.

They said you were gone, that you would see never again

I couldn't believe; for you, things had just began

Tears were shed, a lost friend was mourned

We could've at least have been warned

Now here I stand, thinking of you

And all of the wonderful things you wanted to do.

Now, good Lord, hear my plea

Please take care of her for me!

The one who wanted to do no more than help

Ignoring the condition of her health

A dear friend to all, a sister, a daughter

I feel so sorry for her mother and father

They raised a child who should have been free

From the disease that took her away from me

A disease that does more bad than good

It deprives of what thirteen-year-olds should

What they should do

To keep us new

She gave us laughter and love

No pushes or a shove

Leslie, we love and miss you, we'll be with you soon!

Now all of you, who've lost someone dear,

Please listen to what I have to say

The dead are never gone

They're still in our hearts