The Undying Death

My dreams become nightmares with every gasp of sorrow-filled hatred
These terrors fail to cease after every attempt to fulfill commitment
With every night of pain and unstoppable trembling comes a sense of failure
and the uncontrollable urge for death and deceit
Many tempers flair once the demon who reins all torment presents itself
before your very being
Destruction of life is key with the responsive beating of the undead heart
from those under the spell
The discreet hellion which reins all inner thoughts of anger and undying
temptations is the soul creator of this torturous game of daggers
This dream is ill-dieing regardless of the countless attempts of
Those who are willing to risk their interweaving circle to take the
straight path onto contemplation of turmoil only contain the evil demon of
They are the chosen few who are capable of reentering reality from this
never-ending nightmare which suffocates most with its sorrowed hatred