Tears Long Overdue

By Crystal Snowflakes

I stand in the middle of nowhere,
And watch the rain in midair.
I think about you,
With tears long overdue.

It's more than I can bear,
To think you don't care.
I wonder if you really...
If you really like me.

I thought 'we' would never happen,
You proved me wrong then.
I thought you'd never ask me out,
I was in doubt.

We were too different,
It was evident.
I was way too shy,
And you were too sly.

People say you like me lots,
I have second thoughts.
I stand here in the rain,
Thinking quietly in pain.

The silence is heavy,
I collapse on one knee.
Thinking over and over,
About the relationship's turnover.

As the rainfall comes down,
I stand nowhere with a frown.
Once again thinking about you,
With tears long overdue...