NOTES: Last installment, and possibly the most fun to write, as Megs is such a nutcase. I'm particularly proud of the term "whale-otaur".

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*dances to new Guster*


Name: Megan Llewellyn ("Megs")

Grade: 10

What do you see?

There's an ocean, a big wave, a whale's tail, the moon, and an island with a tree. Except the tree's made of metal or something, cuz it's all sharp, like this weird story I read where the forest's made of iron. I think it was in a magazine. Actually, maybe I wrote it! No, I don't think I wrote that one. Mine had plastic trees, I think. Oh, like that song Hellar used to listen to, back when he still listened to music that more than two people had heard of!

Also, the whale has to be an alien, or a genetic hybrid, or something. Normal whales just don't cut it, you know? Maybe, since you can only see the tail, its front half is a lion or human and it's some kind of mythical creature. That would be good. Or it could be a mermaid, but that's infinitely less interesting than a whale-otaur, because I didn't invent it.

I wonder if Kura remembered to bring money for lollipops.

Oh, the wave should be like fifty kilometers high and headed toward a coastal kingdom, where the priests and scientists have collaborated to prevent the prophesied end of the world. Right before they all become whale-otaur food, the priests and scientists discover an elixir that allows people to breathe underwater, but they waste so much time on the celebratory musical number that everyone drowns anyway. Then they're all reincarnated as electric purple manta rays who build spaceships and fly to the moon.

Let me seeeee what spring is like onnnn Jupiter and Mars!

The moon itself should have some other weird fish species living on it, and since Earth is the only planet boring enough to have just one moon, this planet should have at least twelve. And the moons should have rings. And the rings should be made of debris from ancient civilizations that blew themselves up with tragically mishandled fireworks displays!

The ocean can't be blue or green, either. It'd have to be orange, because red is too bloody, black is too dark, brown and yellow are too gross, and the electric manta rays are already purple. Then visiting aliens would expect the water to taste like oranges, or whatever's orange on their planet, but just to throw them off it would taste like watermelon. I once wrote a poem about watermelons but Kura drew a target on the back and used it to play darts, and the Sharpie soaked through the paper so you can't read the poem any more. That's okay though, because it didn't rhyme and used the word "shirt" seven times in one line.

This pen doesn't taste very g—[rest obscured by ink spill]