Loneliness is like a blanket. It surrounds you in its mystery and forever silent heart. Clawing at your aching soul but at the same time soothing your heart's bleeding scars. Silence of the dead surrounding the mind in its black velvet veil. Memories run around randomly making you weep, laugh, shout in anger... never knowing what to feel next.

Loneliness is like a demon. It creeps up on you and attacks when you less expect it. It takes you beneath the ocean surface and tries to drown you with your own tears. It can make you paranoid and jump to every little sound you hear that in your mind doesn't belong. Like a demon it will try to take you over and to the edge of sanity... and over it.

Loneliness is like a wind. You never know when it will appear next and how strong it might be. You never know how long it will last and how life will continue after it. Wind of emotions runs through your life from one day to the next. Never knowing what might happened next and who might be around the corner.

Alone you sit in the park bench watching the sun playing in the grass. The shadow of the tree next to you is comforting but you hardly notice it. You watch the children playing in the sun the parents talking and lovers kissing under the summer wind. And you find yourself wondering...

Will I be there someday?

Simon Erif (c)