As the sky turns light to an endless blue,
I dream of a memory that's tainted with regret,
My courage for all the things I thought I could do,
But again it seems I'm stuck with a heart to protect,
Though who can blame me for being naïve,
Reckless and wanting a comforting embrace,
I've been through this again, trying so hard to believe,
That maybe I could stop envisioning your face,
I can still remember some part of you,
Running away from where you once stood,
Empathy from a person who knew,
What was inside, who saw something good,
I guess I'm tired of finding a light,
In everyone's eyes, in everyone's souls,
Realizing they all just see in black and white,
And all these people are so stuck in their petty little roles,
Sometimes I believe I can free myself from their stupidity,
But I'm caught in the mob suffering reality's tragedy.