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On with the story.

~Chapter One~

Hello my name is Mike Packard, and I am a loner, a geek, and a nerd. I was the laughing stock of the whole sophomore year. I was picked on, made fun of and had no friends besides Tamara, she too was a nobody. Even though she had gotten the highest SAT's score in the state, she was shunned all because of her intelligence. I was happy the way I was because this gave me space to think, to enjoy, and to fly. Ever since my freshman year, I had a routine: get dressed, eat breakfast, go to school, and await the bullies and then go home. I rarely talked and that was only when needed. My life was a living goose chase, running from the enemy and surviving the impossible. But I was not that strong until him.

It was an ordinary morning, nothing special about it, or so I thought. I heard the alarm give its wake up call and slammed my hand on to it, knocking my glasses of the nightstand with the gesture.

" Oh.I hate Thursdays." I groaned

I sulked out of my bed with all the energy I could muster, which wasn't much because I was a thin person with little muscles. As I walked to my wardrobe I stepped on the end of my spiral notebook.

"Ouch.I defiantly hate Thursdays."

I gathered up the clothes for school and grabbed my towel and headed for the shower. The shower was rather small but could fit two people in it. I turned on the water and waited until the temperature was just right. I got in the shower and let the water splash on my chest. The water felt cool under m skin and I reached for the soap. I lathered my chest and began to go down. By the time I had reached my legs the water had washed the upper part of my torso. Once I was done with my shower I went to the mirror and began to question. Me brunette hair was messy and untamable. My brown eyes were filled with sadness and yet some hope. My face was shinny after my shower but I knew that it was not rough but not silky, it was normal. With a towel covering from my waist down, I looked at my upper body. It was thin and I had little muscle. There was some appearance of the development of a six pack. I hated myself, I hated my body, and I hated everything. I knew that no one would go for this puny, geeky, ugly me. I was tired of staring at myself so I began to change into my school clothes. My school consisted of a Green T-shirt, some jeans and some sneakers. Well there was some more clothes but I'm not getting into detail.

I went over to my room and began to prepare for the gruesome day ahead of me. I packed my homework, which was like 2/3 of my backpack. By the time I was finished, my mother had called me down for breakfast. I saw her in the kitchen hurrying to set up the table. She wore a white blouse that reached up to her elbows and a navy blue skirt. Her blonde hair was tucked behind her in a bun and her face was already plastered with make-up.

"Ok I left the toast on the counter, the jelly is in the fridge and the eggs and bacon are in the microwave." She said

"Umm ok but do I have to eat the bacon this time?" ever since I had a bad experience with bacon in my childhood I decided never to eat that atrocious "stuff" again.

"YES!" she implied " and you better eat the eggs as well."

"I know I know" I said with sarcasm.

"Ok, I'm late for work and I still have to drop the twins off at school." She began to ramble on but I paid no attention what so ever.

"Have a good day at school honey!" as she shut the door.

"Yeah right!"

Breakfast as usual was the time for me to think how my day would go. I knew however that it would be the same as the day before. I finished up breakfast thirty minutes before school stared and when I realized I was late for the bus stop, I dashed through the front door, but turning to lock it. I ran to the bus stop and just was it just about to close its doors when I entered. My hair was a mess, it was pointing different directions and everyone was seemingly laughing. I sat near the front of the bus and waited until the bus stopped at Tamara's stop. As routine she sat next to me and we began to talk about smut and how our day went yesterday.

"Well my mother had me wash all the dishes that were in the garage and she made me clean the whole house before I had time to do any homework so I went to the library to finish what I could and I had luck because I finished all the assignments and all next weeks assignments as well." It was amazing how she managed to say all that with out taking a breath.

"Well I couldn't figure out one or two of the math problems but I got.." I was cut short when Jason, a jock yelled from the back of the bus.

"Hey Packard! You got yourself a little girlfriend didn't you?" he yelled. By the time he said it everyone was laughing himself or herself to death.

"Just ignore him" Tamara said politely

I had gotten off the bus and waiting for Tamara, which wasn't long because she was sitting next to me. We walked to our respective lockers and collected our books. Afterwards we hurried to homeroom and seated ourselves. Mrs. Smith had just come in when the bell rung.

"Ok today we will be asking you to join a club and replace a class president." She complied

The class president of course was Tamara, but when I looked her in the eye she wasn't at all hurt because she was determined to win this semester as well.

"We will also like to ask for your cooperation for the funding of." she was cut short because just then a boy had just opened the door and walked up to Mrs. Smith.

"Oh. a new student," she replied " class please welcome Mr. Tyler Luvton"

Had never had a new student for the last year and it was a bit shocking for one to appear in the middle of a school year as well. Tyler was the complete opposite of me. He was a bit taller maybe an inch or so, he had blonde hair that was spiked up at the front making him look like a "popular". He had worn some jeans and a punk rock shirt saying the name Ozzy at the front. He defiantly would become a popular by the end of the day. He looked well build, he had muscles but not jock muscles. Everybody's jaw had dropped excluding some boys and the teacher.

"Hey" everyone said after a while.

He sat down next to Tamara who was blushing a deep crimson. They exchanged their proper hellos and stared up to the teacher. I was not fully aware that I was still staring at him until he spoke in a whisper so only I could hear.

"Do you know where." he paused to look at his schedule " where the Biology room is with Mr. Rave?" he asked

I was left speechless for a moment. I wasn't used to being talked to, especially from a really cute boy. Did I just say cute? And to a boy? "Helloooo?" he waved his hand in front of my face.

"Oh sorry.just .what did you ask?" I stuttered

"I was wondering if you knew where the Biology room was with Mr. Rave." He said

"Oh. you have the same class as me, I'll show you" I replied

Just then the bell rung to signal the start of the first class. I walked in a bit of a hurry and I didn't want to be late.

"Whoa.slow down.what's your name?" he asked

"I'm sorry.I'm Mike, Mike Packard." I said

" I'm Tyler Luvton, nice to meet you" he shook my hand

His skin was soft judging from the handshake and strong. We reached class 3 minutes early and I sat as usual at the front. I was surprised when Tyler decided to sit next to me and began to chitchat.

"So is this class boring?" he asked

"Umm. no not quite but Mr. Rave gives hard exams though." I answered

"He does? Well I had a B in my old Bio class. What do you have in this class?" he asked

" An A. I have to work hard for it though, I spend most of my time getting with Tamara and going to the library to study." I said

" Oh." And that's all he said for Mr. Rave had commenced

During that class was torture because I was sitting next to the hottest guy in THE school! I guess you're wondering if I'm gay or not right? Well yes I am. I knew I was that way ever since my eighth grade year. I was very shocked when I started to look at guys in a different way, I would always stare and whenever they caught me staring I blushed so profoundly that I didn't know it was possible. Tamara knew of my preference because she was my best friend ever since kindergarten. We were practically brother and sister. The day I had come out to her was very nerve racking, well of course it was but I don't think she was surprised to learn about me. She was very supportive and kind. Now that I think of it, why did no one like her? I mean intelligence is not everything. She was pretty but not enough to get a date. She never wore make-up and her beautiful dirty blonde hair contrasted with her body evenly. But when it came to girls, I was never into discussing much about them and was very shy when a girl would approach me. I don't know why it happened but boys were perfect. They were so much beautiful than girls were and boys were also mouth watering. (A/N: I don't know about that last comment.). Boys were just in simple words the right choice. I was daydreaming so much that I didn't realize that class was over and everyone had gotten out of their seat. Great I'm the last one out! How more embarrassing can this get? I obviously didn't know until I dropped my book on my way to the door.

"What took you so long?" came a voice from up front.

"Oh, nothing" I looked up to see Tyler looking at me with an amused look on his face.

"Ok, umm can you show me to the." Tyler was cut short when Connie Greene, the most popular girl in school, had grabbed his arm and towed him away from me. I headed towards my Algebra 2 class and entered in silence. I saw that Tyler was not in this class so yet again I had sat in the front of the class. Time seemed to fly by because the class was dismissed in what seemed 10 minutes. Third and forth period also flew by and before I realized it, it was lunch. Tamara and I sat in our regular spot in the corner, yet able to see the whole courtyard.

"So Mike, was Spanish horrible today?" asked Tamara

"Yea, well not that much this time." I replied

"Honestly, you could try a little harder in that class, then your mom wouldn't be disappointed at the B+ you have." She put sarcasm into those words

"Well easy for you to say because you no everything!" I joked

"Yo? Senor Packard yo no se de lo que estas hablando. Porfavor habla espanol" she said.

"I didn't get half of what you just said" I whined

"Whatever." That's all she said because she stared at someone straight- ahead. And that someone was Tyler. I tried to bring her back but she just ignored me. Only when I covered her eyes did she react.

"Hey!" she groaned

"It's not nice to stare." I said

"I know but he's.." She was staring at him again.

"Cute." I added

"Come on Mike! Get a hold of yourself its been only the first day!" she advised

"Look who's talking" I joked

" Well I admit he is cute. But I think he's your type." She said in a bit of sadness

"Sure that piece of hunk is like me rigggghhhhhttttttt," I said in sarcasm

"Well I can tell by the way he always pushes Connie away." She stated

"That doesn't mean he's you know" I whispered

"It's my judgement. So if I'm right, which I always am, he is gay." She said

"Whatever." I said. God I hope she's right!

It was fifth period and it was boring. AP U.S. History with Mr. Stein was an easy ticket to dreamland. He would always ramble on and on but never lifted his head to see what his students were up to. I bet if someone shot a gun in the room he wouldn't even notice. There I was, thinking away about what Tamara had said. Deep down I was begging for it to be true. I went to the last class of the day and unfortunately it was PE and it was hot today. I found that Tyler was also in this class and relieved when Connie didn't come with him. We were changing in the locker room when Tyler came up to me and asked if I could help him with his locker. I agreed and showed him his locker and how to open it. I began to change into my clothes when I reached my own locker. In the corner of my eye I saw Tyler changing, Oh my God! How can a human have that HOT a body? he finished changing and was the first one out on my roll call number. It was burning hot and saw the heat waves further out. Once everyone had come out and stand on his or her number, Mrs. McMarch came and took roll. It was terrible because we had to endure 25 push-ups on the hot cement. She also made us run half a mile and do some more push-ups when we were done. After that we had time to do whatever we wanted so I sat in the shade and thought to myself for awhile. Until a hand landed on my shoulder.

"Ah!" I managed to peep out.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Tyler said

"Oh, yes?" I asked

"Nothing just wanted to sit down, can I?" he gestured next to me.

"Umm sure if you want." I replied

"So. I noticed that you run pretty fast today." He implied

"Oh, you too. You were right behind me weren't you?" I asked

"Yep, but I don't have your legs to run as fast." I blushed as he said that.

"Oh." Was all I could muster "I see that you and your friend are close." He stated

"Who? Tamara? No. We're just friends." I said

"Oh." He said, " so you have anyone yet?"

"Umm this is getting personal but no." I stuttered

"Sorry" he said.

"Do you?" I asked

"Look who's talking now." He joked, " But no one yet"

"Really? I mean you are a popular and all populars have someone even if it's their first day." I was shocked because I never said that much in one sentence

Just when Tyler was about to say something the bell signaling seven minutes until school was over rung.

"We better go." I nodded towards the lockers.

"Yea it's hot here anyway." He said walking to the lockers

When I was done changing I hurried to the bus forgetting to wait for Tamara. I sat again near the front and waited for Tamara. The bell rang once more and students burst out of the rooms. Tamara had seated herself behind me and started to talk about the test she just took claming it was too easy and that she should take another test.

"So Mike why the grin?" she said

"Nothing." And that's all I said because I couldn't keep the though of Tyler not having someone. Maybe Tamara was right. I hope she is! I closed my eyes drifting of when I heard Tamara's complains. I just thinking, thinking about a certain someone.

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