Disclaimer: This is a story with an erotic element including a just bit of S/M, and is intended only for adults. It also has a shoujo-ai (or girl/girl love) plot line, so if any of those things are likely to offend you, I'd advise skipping this story.

Blood, Sex and Magik

The little tattoo shop was in the seedier part of town, it's large windows hung with girlie art. Women bent and twisted there seductively, at least until you looked into their dark eyes. Then you began to realize that these were dangerous women pictured there, not toys for one's amusement. The front room served only a certain kind of customer, and even fewer knew about the room in the back, and what might be going on in there.

The curtain swung between the front and the back, and passing through it was deceptively easy. The back room was dark, and it took a moment to see the blonde laying there. She was on her belly on top of the massage table, her hair carefully pulled back from her bare back and neck. A lean but quite shapely young woman, she had been laying there waiting patiently for a while. Only a few more minutes passed before that dark haired woman walked into the room silently, carrying a covered tray in one hand and a bowl in the other.

"Are you sure you want to do this Elizabeth?" the woman asked her gently as she set her burdens down on a wheeled cart nearby. "It's going to hurt you quite a bit," she added.

"I'm sure Jess," Elizabeth answered softly.

"So be it," Jess agreed, her voice taking on an almost ritualistic quality in the nearly total darkness. She took a white cotton ball and dipped it in some medical alcohol, using it to wipe down the bare back in long, sensuous strokes. She picked up a scalpel from the tray and held it over the woman's back, "Brace yourself."

"Do it," Elizabeth barked.

Jess pressed down delicately with the silvery blade, letting it cut into the pale skin. She moved it smoothly even as Elizabeth hissed softly in pain, drawing a large circle across her upper back. Not giving her any time to recover Jess cut once again, this time adding a second, slightly smaller circle inside the larger one. She picked up the medical alcohol and spread it on her back again, eliciting a choked cry from Elizabeth.

"It's burns," Elizabeth grin her teeth, her breath coming raggedly.

Jess smiled to herself slightly, watching the woman twisting on her table. It was quite erotic in it's way, her chest heaving and back slick with a cold sweat, shaking just slightly. If one didn't know better, you might have thought she had been having an orgasm.

Once Elizabeth's breathing had begun to come a bit more regular Jess pleasantly asked, "Are you ready to continue?"

"Oh yeah," Elizabeth gasped out, "I'm having a ball here."

Jess had to chuckle, "Full of bravado to the end."

The next set of cut's were carefully placed, inscribing in the center of the inner circle an eight pointed star, a design that Elizabeth had picked out herself. Jess took the alcohol again, both to cleanse the wounds and to clear the excess blood as she added in the small details.

"You know, the pain's not so bad now," Elizabeth said to Jess huskily, her wide blue eyes glazed over oddly.

There was a slight hint of musk in the still air, and Jess just had to smile. 'She's getting turned on by this,' she thought as she gazed down admiringly at the lithe little blonde. She held submissives like this in a kind of awe, never fully understanding how they could so willingly take on such deep pain and turn it into pleasure.

"I'll be finished soon," Jess said softly, stroking down the sensitive back gently with her bare hand, smiling slightly as Elizabeth arched up into the pain.

In the outside ring Jess began to carefully carve out the runes and symbols that she required, speaking their names softly as she did so. In the end she inscribed twenty four of those sigils, each one of those dedicated to a single purpose.

"Now for the final piece," Jess said. She pressed down on the star firmly, eliciting a soft cry from Elizabeth and spoke the word of closing. Golden fire danced across the blonde's back to etch the cuts in flame, and Elizabeth screamed. Jess raised her hand, and where there were once bloody lines a golden metal gleamed, the girl's back decorated in gold.

"Is it done?" Elizabeth asked her weakly. Not answering her aloud Jess picked up a large mirror from the cart nearby, moving it so that Elizabeth could see the golden tattoo now on her back. "It's beautiful," she murmured softly.

"Beautiful and functional," Jess agreed quietly. "The thing that went after you, it shouldn't be able to even get near you with that in place."

"Thank you," Elizabeth murmured, sitting up awkwardly on the table. Her long blonde hair formed a cape about her body, but it didn't hide the pert, up thrust breasts or the thin scar that ran down one side of her face.

"Take it easy," Jess quickly stepped forward to put a steadying hand on her shoulder, "the protective spell had to have taken a lot out of you."

"You wouldn't even take money when you helped me against my attacker," Elizabeth looked up at her with needy eyes as she continued, "much less for this." With a slightly teasing smile, "How will I ever repay you?"

They stood so close that Jess could practically smell the girl's desire, but still she hesitated just a moment. "You don't need to," she started to say.

"I want to," Elizabeth answered firmly, leaning in to kiss Jess firmly. The dark haired girl seemed to resist for a moment, then succumbed to the intensity of the kiss. Elizabeth seemed to fall backward onto the massage table, pulling Jess down with her. She didn't seem to care about the sweat covered table, and in that wild moment neither did Jess.

"Aren't we just a bit overdressed," Jess gasped even as she worked the catch on Elizabeth's pants. With a bit of wriggling they hit the floor, soon followed by delicate panties. 'She really is a natural blonde,' Jess thought admiringly.

"Oh," Elizabeth gasped softly, as long, slim fingers slid gently past slick outer lips. Her hips raised up involuntarily, and she shuddered as Jess bit down on a nipple.

"You're so beautiful," Jess murmured, licking where her teeth had raised up blood, "but especially now, like this." She bit again, bringing another cry as much pleasure as pain.

"Now," Elizabeth gasped out breathlessly, the cutting having already brought her near the edge, and Jess caresses bringing her even closer.

"Now," Jess quietly agreed, savagely twisting Elizabeth's clit.

"Aiie!" Elizabeth cried out, not once but again and again through the long night.

The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth walked out of the shop into the bright morning sun. After a few moments Jess stepped outside as well, lingering to watch her go. Elizabeth wouldn't be back, Jess knew. Last night had been something that they both had needed at the time, but she knew the girl merely felt a kind of gratitude to her. There couldn't be anything more, and the child really wasn't suited to the sort of world that Jess lived in all the time.

With a sigh Jess let the door close behind her and prepared to open up her shop for the day. "Tattoos and Bodypiercing," the sign above the door read in bold letters, and underneath in more stylized script, "Jessica Drake, Proprietor."

Author's Notes: I normally suck at writing erotic material, but I have discovered I can do it if it's part of a story line. So, I'm taking a shot at an semi-erotic one shot. The story is something I've had in mind for a bit, though elements have changed over time. I may continue this if I can think of other tales for Jess, but don't hold your breath.