Blood, Sex and Magik

Valentines Surprise

She parked the car not far from the house, out of sight from passing traffic. The attractive blond with long hair checked her appearance in a mirror then got out carefully so that her slinky black dress wouldn't ride up. Her long legs were mostly bare, and the dress was low cut to highlight her round, bouncy breasts. She strutted up the walkway to the house, a medium sized home not too near it's neighbors, then rang the bell.

"Yes, I..." the pretty, brown haired young woman answered the door, only for her to trail off as she took in the stunning woman standing on her doorstep.

"Lisa Wilson?" she asked, the stunning blond giving her best smile.

"Uhm," the woman shook herself then managed to answer, "yes."

"I'm Cally," she smiled sweetly as she explained, "Fantasy Escorts sent me over."

Lisa's face went beet red, her eyes widening in surprise. "I, well, I didn't order..." she stammered cutely.

Cally had to bite back a laugh as the woman blushed. "I'm a Valentine's Day day gift, sweety." She smiled slightly, "So why don't we go inside so you can unwrap me?"

"Right," Lisa quickly moved aside, leading Cally inside.

The inside was nice, clean and kinda generic. Cally rather suspected Lisa had mostly ordered stuff from catalogs, a table here and a couch there, nothing really coordinated. Not that she was one to talk, considering her own place...

Lisa stood by the couch awkwardly for a moment then she politely asked, "Can I get you something to drink?"

Cally was faintly amused by her trying to be polite, but kept a smile from her face. Instead she took a half step toward the young woman as she purred, "I don't think we need to mess around, cutey." She paused a second, "Unless I'm not your type?"

"No!" Lisa yelped. A bit more calmly she said, "You're gorgeous."

"Good," Cally smiled and closed the distance between them to kiss the young woman. She reached up to tangle her fingers in her hair and gently pull Lisa down, pressing her body against the other woman's.

Lisa stiffened in surprise a moment then returned the kiss, putting her arms around Cally and pulling her close. They kissed ardently for long moments, only pulling apart reluctantly. "Wow." Lisa managed breathlessly.

"Wow?" Cally smiled.

"Wow," Lisa said a bit more firmly.

"Before you overwhelm me with your eloquence," Cally gently teased, "is there a bedroom in here? I feel the sudden need to lie down."

The bedroom was a bit messy, but Cally didn't let that bother her. Instead she gently pushed Lisa back onto the bed, then sexily crawled up onto her. She kissed Lisa again as she writhed her body on top of the woman, then began to tug at her clothes.

"Wait, could I...?" Lisa started.

"Shush," Cally kissed her again, even as she pulled the other woman's shirt off, "just lay back and relax. I'm the professional here, after all."

Lisa had sweet, small breasts, unlike Cally's own udders, and she found a perverse pleasure in taking the whole breast in her mouth and sucking ardently. Lisa's nipples were also very sensitive, and she could make the girl buck just by lapping at them.

"Oh god you're driving me nuts," Lisa gasped.

"That's the idea," Cally purred as she finally released the woman's fascinating breasts and descended the rib cage and down past her slightly rounded belly.

"Don't tickle!" Lisa gasped as Cally caressed her skin teasingly.

"Oooh, tempting," Cally laughed.

Cally smiled as she reached the girl's crotch, taking in the already wet brown hair that concealed her lips. Gently she stroked her fingers along the slowly opening lips, parting them carefully to reveal the hot, pinkish interior. Lisa was already soaking wet, just how Cally liked it.

"That feels so nice," Lisa breathed out huskily as Cally eased a finger inside, then two.

Cally was surprised how tight Lisa was, the flesh squeezing down on her fingers. She carefully worked her fingers along the walls, feeling for the bunches of nerves that were the legendary g-spot. As she did she licked along that slick, hot flesh, even as she occassionally sucked on her clit.

It took only a few moments for Cally's careful touches to bring Lisa to the edge, the woman twisting on the bed, crying out breathlessly. "Oh god oh god," Lisa mewled as her hips pumped helplessly.

With a final, shuddering cry Lisa came, bucking a few more times before falling limply to the bed. She lay there panting breathlessly a few moments, even as Cally carefully eased her fingers from the woman's tight wetness.

"That was just...," Lisa managed weakly, shaking her head in disbelief, "incredible. Simply incredible."

"I told you I was a professional," Cally noted as she lay beside the limp Lisa, her dress still hugging her gorgeous form.

"Let me get my breath back," Lisa said with a weak smile, "I want to return the favor."

"Hmm," Cally said noncommittally. She looked at Lisa curiously as she asked, "You're an accountant, right?"

Lisa looked at her in confusion, "Yeah, a junior one at Huntworth and Barnes. Why?"

Cally sighed as she reached around behind her, tugging at a pouch hidden in the back of her dress, "I wish you had said no," she noted as she pulled the gun, pointing it at Lisa's head.

"Eep," Lisa's eyes went round as she gazed at the gun in fear. "Wha..."

The mini-pistol was small but lethal, and Cally held it confidently. "You shouldn't have tried to steal funds from the mob, sweety. You're not good enough to pull that off."

Lisa looked back and forth, the naked woman looking for any escape from the suddenly lethal woman. "Please, I never intended...," she started.

The gun fired once, Cally punching a bullet up under the woman's jaw into the brain. She fired again, just to make sure, even as blood splashed Cally. "At least you got laid first," Cally noted with a sigh.

With that Cally got off the bed, the young woman looking down at her pretty dress sadly. Still, with no hesitation she stripped the dress off, dropping it unceremoniously to the ground. She then calmly undid her bra, dropping it and the pads that gave her the impressive bust. With that Cally moved off, now looking much more average in appearance.

She wished she had time to shower, but while the pistol Cally used was quiet, it wasn't silenced. Instead Cally went to Lisa's closet and found a white blouse and pants, pulling them on quickly. The fit wasn't good, but she didn't need to pass flawlessly in public. Dressed, she hurried from the bedroom, leaving the cooling corpse behind.

The car was waiting just like Cally left it, but she still checked to make sure no one was there. She dropped the borrowed clothes in a trash can Lisa had conveniently left out, then climbed into her car and pulled on the spare clothes she had left there. Dressed and perfectly composed she drove off, even as she considered what else she needed to do today.


The assassination of a accountant connected to the mob would have been news anyway. The fact that she had been skimming, and presumably had been made an example of, made it major news. Locally, anyway. It still wasn't big enough to rate a mention in national news, but it was front page fodder for all their local papers.

Me'erlyn sipped her wine, the attractive older woman reading the story with some amusement. The paper was actually suggesting the murderer was a transvestite, who abandoned her gear after killing the woman. Police were being evasive about the investigation, other than they were persuing avenues of inquiery.

Cally walked up to the street front cafe, looking completely different than the woman who had slept with Lisa. Her long hair was gone, now replaced with black hair in a short buzz cut. The slim woman was dressed much more butch, with a leather vest, black t-shirt and artistically ripped jeans.

Me'erlyn calmly watched Cally sit, then waved for one of the waiters. As the young man arrived she looked at Cally, "What would you like?"

"Coffee," Cally said with a shrug.

The waiter cleared his throat, "We have latte, Americano, caramel, green tea blend, expresso, red eye, Black Blood of the Earth..."

Cally looked up and glared at the waiter, the power of her gaze making him step back. "Coffee," she said flatly, "one cream and sugar. Got it?"

"Yes ma'am," he squeaked out and fled.

Me'erlyn looked amused as she noted, "The poor boy nearly pissed himself."

Cally shrugged casually. "I hate little shits like that," she admitted. She looked at the newspaper that the other woman was reading and noted, "It's a tabloid, don't believe any of it."

"I won't," Me'erlyn promised as the nervous waiter returned with the plain coffee. "Put anything she wants on my tab," she instructed.

"Right," the relieved waiter nodded.

Once the young man left Me'erlyn took a drink of her coffee. Setting the cup down she noted, "It appears your associate was as efficient as promised."

"The assignment was carried out as planned?" Cally pretended ignorance. Both of them would not mention what had actually been done or who had done it, just in case anyone was listening in. It was unlikely, but who knew?

"Indeed it was," Me'erlyn agreed. She set her cup down, "Did your associate receive the funds?"

"She did," Cally agreed as she savored her own coffee.

"I was surprised to read that the victim had had intercourse before she died," Me'erlyn noted mildly, "was there a reason?"

"For my associate, sex and death are linked," Cally said after a moment. She drank a bit more coffee, "Besides, this way the target went out happy."

Me'erlyn chuckled a bit, "I suppose so." She drank a bit more, then set the cup down with a clink, "Can I rely on your associate's assistance on other such matters?"

Cally smiled, "As long as the jobs are interesting."

To be continued...

Notes: Cally is, of course, Kali. Goddesses need to update themselves and it seems she's found a new calling in modern times.