Blood, Sex and Magic

Chapter 33

The Daughters of Artemis was bustling as Elizabeth walked up to the bar, the sexy blonde dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She looked slightly... tired, or maybe worn out.

"Elizabeth," Diana nodded politely, "how are you?"

"Fine, I think," Elizabeth answered wryly. "Has word about what happened a Purgatory spread?" she asked.

"Somewhat," Diana admitted. "You've made enemies over the years... a few are having fun with it now, it seems."

"Fuck," Elizabeth sighed. "Can I get your home brewed Mudslide," she asked as she passed a bill over.

"And I don't think it's Hunter spreading the story, either," Diana added as she handed the sweet drink back to her.

"Hmm," Elizabeth sighed as she walked to a corner table, feeling people's eyes on her.

Payback was a bitch, and she was paying dearly for a few nights of pleasure. On the other hand, she HAD hit on a woman she knew was involved with another, so there was that. Elizabeth nursed her drink as she watched the crowd, then raised her eyebrows as Descent, the bar's alternate bartender, walked to her table accompanied by a handsome woman.

'Yum,' Elizabeth thought, but her pleasure at their company faded when they asked about Purgatory. "Are you a friend of Hunter's?" she demanded, frowning.

"I know her by reputation," the good looking woman who called herself Sam answered honestly, "but that's all."

Elizabeth studied her a moment, then relaxed a bit. "Sorry," she said, "I met Hunter in Purgatory that time, I thought she was spreading a story around."

Sam just nodded to her politely and continued on, "All I want to know is if you felt dark magic around there."

Elizabeth raised a eyebrow, though she knew there were practictioners at the Daughters. She hadn't ran into these two, though. "Dark magic?" she asked.

Sam waved for a drink, deciding that Elizabeth might need some prompting.

"Thank you," Elizabeth sipped from the fresh Mudslide happily. "Yes, I felt dark magic," she told her, "but it was old. Months old, maybe even longer than that."

"And not a major working?" Sam asked thoughtfully.

"A few compulsions," Elizabeth agreed, "maybe some glamors, possibly a bit of emotion manipulation. And all of that with the feel of it being cast a while back."

"I guess with being a sensitive, you wouldn't go in if something very dark had happened at Purgatory," Sam noted.

"Exactly," Elizabeth nodded. "I have protection, but I'm not stupid." Mentally she added, 'Well, not THAT stupid. Hunter tricked me pretty damn easily.'

Sam got up, her expression thoughtful as she said, "Thank you."

Elizabeth reached out to take Sam's hand, squeezing it gently as she smiled up at her seductively. She was good looking, and she wanted some company all of a sudden. "You can't stay awhile?" she asked.

"I swore a vow of chastity," Sam shrugged as she gently pulled her hand free and walked away.

"What a waste," Elizabeth muttered as she watched Sam walk off, enjoying the view of swaying hips in tight pants.

Elizabeth finished her drink, then raised her eyebrows as ANOTHER pair of women came up to her table. It appeared to be one of those nights. "Yes?" she addressed them dryly.

"Lucy Yamazaki," she introduced herself, "and this is my partner, Rose."

"Yo," Rose waved slightly, keeping a wary eye on the bar around them.

'Body guard?' Elizabeth wondered. "Take a seat," she waved them to the chairs even as she wondered what they wanted. Sadly, she suspected it wasn't a threesome.

"Thank you," Lucy smiled as she did, Rose sitting beside her. "I was so sorry to hear about the troubles you've had recently." she offered.

"Troubles," Elizabeth snorted, "breaking up with your fuck buddy and being used as a sex toy? Those troubles?"

Rose snickered, "Yeah, pretty much."

Lucy ignored that as she continued, "It's so sad to see someone hurt again by Jess Drake."

Elizabeth suspected where they were going, but gave a encouraging "Hmm?"

Taking that as encouragement Lucy continued, "She's victimized so many people over the years, done a lot of harm. It's time someone stood up to her."

"Uh huh," Elizabeth answered, "That would be you, yes?"

"With your help, yes," Lucy nodded gravely. "You were close to Drake, you know things no one else would know..." she started.

Elizabeth couldn't keep a straight face anymore and burst out laughing.

Lucy jerked back, "What?"

"You have got to be fucking joking, pulling a line like that," Elizabeth snorted. "Did you seriously think I would fall for that load of crap?"

Lucy looked at her coldly, "Others have, why not you?"

"I'm not that stupid," Elizabeth answered. "You want information on Drake... why?"

"Information is power," Lucy answered calmly as she got up, Rose following her. "If we cannot do business, I bid you farewell," she said.

Rose stuck her tongue out at Elizabeth, which rather ruined the dignity of their exit.

Elizabeth sighed softly. She had heard about someone asking around about Jess not long ago, but supposedly they had given up. Apparently not. She was going to have to tell Jess about it too, even though she didn't want to phone her. Maybe swing by the tattoo parlor?


Jess Drake was headed into the tenderloin district, someplace her lover Alice would DEEPLY disapprove of. Jess, frankly, didn't care much for it either, but it was on the edge of what she considered 'her' territory so she tried her best to keep an eye on it.

One of the guys getting a tattoo (Raven, done in black with blood dripping of it's talons. Jess had snuck in 'I'm a prat' in the blood splatter just for fun.) had mentioned the new, fetish based brothel that had opened. Neither him or his buddy (Devil sign on arm. Made it a wiccan symbol, figured he'd never notice it anyway.) had actually gone in, but had given a description and a rough location.

Now Jess wasn't stupid. She was well aware of the idea of 'let's you and him fight.' Hell, she had used it before herself! So she was well aware someone might be baiting her into a conflict. But neither guy had smelled of magic, and they weren't the type to be working for the Lady. So after some thought, she had decided to check the place out.

Jess dressed for safety, this time. Her long leather coat was enchanted to block most firearms, as well as fire resistant She had her black boots on, with hardened toe for ass kicking. Her pockets had certain trinkets, though she hadn't packed anything TOO specific. Her experience had been that over-preparing rarely worked too well.

The bordello called 'The Nunnery' was based out of a very unassuming building, but there WAS a aura shimmering around it in Jess' vision. It wasn't a barrier, nor was it dangerous, but it was odd. She ignored it and headed to the doors, taking in the posters. Apparent this place offered various tried and true fantasy scenarios including the tried and true 'catholic schoolgirl', 'virginal nuns' of various types, the 'wanton nun' and of course 'mother superiors' of different degrees of strictness for all the different types of domination and submission play.

'Not necessarily my thing, but...,' Jess thought, noting the doors were VERY heavy for a normal house. Clearly they were prepared for trouble, a impression reinforced by the carefully concealed weapons slits in the hallway. She walked up the hall then reached a front parlor was set up simply, two benches lining the walls and a 'Nun' sitting at a desk before the inner door.

"Good evening, ma'am," the 'Nun' smiled sweetly, but she was also professionally checking her over for weapons and such. Then she reached up to touch what Jess guessed was a hidden ear piece before all hell broke loose.

A bell clanged as the girl dove behind the desk, while there was the sound of running feet. The two doors leading into the front room burst open, revealing various fetish clad 'Nuns' all armed to the teeth. There were shotguns, crossbows, pistols, and any number of other weapons. All pointed right at Jess, who stood there hands at her side.

"Was it something I said?" Jess asked mildly.

The lack of hostile reaction seemed to confuse the girls, interestingly. The sexy blond tilted her head to the side, "Sorceress, are you the emissary of the Lady Diana we were warned about?" That made Jess chuckle and the young woman asked, "What?"

Still trying to look casual as possible Jess shrugged, "I had two customers just happen to mention you had recently opened."

"Customers?" another Nun in a sexy corset coupled with a nun's wimple asked curiously, "Who are you, anyway?"

"Jess Drake," she answered, then blinked as about half the 'Nuns' got more tense, and the others kind of relaxed.

"THE Jess Drake?" the blond demanded.

"Well, I certainly hope there's not more than one," Jess answered dryly.

The girls had a quick whispered consultation then the redhead declared, "Hold on, I'll go get the Mother Superior."

The older, brown haired woman who arrived a few minutes later was still beautiful, but there was a flinty, seriousness in her eyes. She would do whatever it took to protect her people, of that Jess was sure. "Ma'am," Jess nodded politely.

"Mother Superior Christopher, this is Jess Drake," the redhead introduced them.

"You don't LOOK like a giant with two heads who breathes flame," Christopher noted mildly.

"My other suit is in the wash," Jess replied dryly, and the older woman laughed. She shrugged again, "My reputation is rather overblown."

"I imagine so," the real nun nodded. Christopher smiled, "Come on in, I think we have things to talk about..."

To be continued...