Give Some To Get Some

What is it with you, why must you lie?
Why do you tell me that you want to die?
Why do you cut, when your past is so pure?
I don't want to be your friend anymore.

You crave attention, you want it from me,
Yet all of the time, you fail to see,
That I don't really like the way you behave,
I detest the way that you always complain.

You never seem happy, but why be so sad,
When you have so much more than most people have?
You think that it's "cool" to act all depressed,
You fail to see that you really are blessed.

You never ask me how I am doing,
We just talk about you and the things that you're feeling,
You don't even care that what you say isn't true,
You just want people to focus on you.

I don't hate you, I just hate how you act,
You never give me all of the facts,
All that you do is complain on and on,
Here's news for you; our friendship is gone.