Syrupy golden light was slanting across the quad when Roxanne got out of class.  Her hair, "dirty" blonde with deep chestnut streaks (natural, as she had to assert all the time), gleamed in the late afternoon sun as she crossed the quad, kicking off her shoes to curl her bare toes in the grass.  She settled under her favorite tree on the edge of the quad, dropping her shoes into her backpack and rummaging for her copy of Cyrano de Bergerac.  Finding her place at the balcony scene, she began to read distractedly.  She was waiting for evening when Selena would arrive.  Selena, her girlfriend with bizarre stories and a haunting laugh, whose favorite colors were black and red, perfect to set off her midnight hair and eyes.

            Roxanne closed her eyes, thinking about Selena and anticipating the approaching night.  A familiar scent like roses and spice, an affectionate nuzzling at her ear.  "Hello, Rox.  Did I catch you napping?"

            "Dreaming of you, hon." Roxanne replied, smiling and opening her eyes to a picture-perfect close-up of bewitching face and shoulders leaning close, a silver slice of moon rising behind Selena.

            Selena beamed and stole a quick, hard kiss before sitting back and stretching out one hand.  "You know what your eyes are like?" she said slowly, turning her hand so that a silver ring on her second finger glinted in the twilight.  "They're like tiger's eye stones.  See?"  She held up her ringed hand for Roxanne to observe; glossy striations of rich brown and deep gold shone, entrancingly primal.  "So even though Damien gave me this ring, it always reminds me of you."

            Roxanne nodded slowly in response to the somewhat odd monologue (she was used to such), closing Cyrano and wedging it into her backpack.  Selena suddenly reached over and zipped the bag, snatching it and shoving it into Roxanne's hands.  "Let's go, hon.  My car's right over there."  She bounced up and pranced ahead of Roxanne, hips swaying as she sang, a song she loved to sing that Roxanne had heard nowhere else and could not find for any amount of research.

Sang the man in the moon

To the maids of the sea,

"Under la lune

You'll come dancing with me."

"Dawn comes too soon."

Sighed the wind in the tree.

"But under la lune

Pretty girls are set free."

When the nightowls croon

And the dark's velvety,

Under la lune

You'll come dancing with me.