Crystal Nowert sat thinking about her daughter. When she had suddenly blurted out something about the sun lion and abandonment, she had really been freaked out. What was happening to her daughter? And why couldn't she remember attacking her friend? It's like she had a split personality or someone had taken over her body.

Crystal remembered when Jade was about 5. She had sometimes been hyper, running around or ranting about her favorite color crayon (blue), and then sometimes she had been quiet, gazing out a window or at a flower and thinking deeply. She had dragged her daughter for a diagnosis, and had not gotten what she wanted. Doctors all diagnosed her with something different.





Crystal had felt that none of these were right. Eventually, Jade molded into the calm, but laughing girl she was today. That's what she liked, and she'd do anything to keep her twelve-year-old daughter that way. But why had she shaken Mara, who was weaker than her and two years younger? The two girls were practically inseparable. Mara had never tried to hurt Jade, so why hadn't Jade done the same?

It wasn't Jade, she told herself. I'm sick of myself. Why do I keep on accusing my daughter? I'm a horrible mother, Crystal thought sadly. I shouldn't think that way.

What was with the things Jade had said fifteen minutes ago? Something about abandonment and the sun lion. It was like she was little again. When she was four, five, six, she used to randomly blurt out Egyptian words. It was strange. But Crystal would just push it out of her mind. Now she sat down and to rethink it all. Maybe Jade was an Egyptian in her past life, or maybe their family had Egyptian ancestors. Not from her side, she knew. Her grandmother had traced her family tree, so she knew that her ancestors had been of English descent. Her husband, however, was a kind of Goth, although the very first in his entire family line of Jews. He had given up the Jewish religion, however, a long time ago, even going so far as to change his name from Jacob to Jake. He wasn't really Gothic; it's just that he insisted on only wearing black suits or black shoes to work. He hair was dark brown, though, with brown eyes to match. Now that she thought about it, Crystal wondered where Jade had gotten her eyes. Crystal's eyes were a crystal blue, which is where she had gotten her name, and Jake's dark brown. Maybe it came from her side of the family. She hoped it did. Jade's eyes were something to boast about.

* * *

Jake Nowert sat in his office, his feet up on his desk. The thirty-five- year-old divorcee looked at his employee in the eyes and told him with no waver in his voice, "you're fired." The man in the white suit trembled, then left, closing the door behind him before he cried.

Jake sighed. That was the first of about half a dozen people he would have to fire today. He took a deep breath. The guy had taken it like a man.

Suddenly, he heard a sob from the other side of the door. He rolled his eyes. A man, Jake thought, raising his eyebrow, or a momma's boy? Jake turned back to his paperwork. Suddenly, the phone rang. He picked it up.

"Mr. Nowert," Ramona, his secretary, said, "your ex-wife is on the phone, wanting to talk to you." She sounded a little worried. After a pause, she said, "Jake, you're not breaking our lunch break, are you?"

"No," Jake said, "not that I know of. Unless some emergency comes up. Well, I gotta go." He clicked off, and went to the other line.

"Jake?" Crystal's voice came over the phone. "Jake, I was wondering-well- you see-"

"Jeez, Chrissy, what happened?" Jake asked.

"Jake, Jade said more of that Egypt gibberish again," Crystal said on the other line, somewhat in a panic. "Jake?" But Jake was staring ahead, thinking about that day when Jade was six..

* * *

"Jade?" Jake stepped into the living room. His eyes went wide. Jade was walking around their crystal, just-for-decoration sundial, muttering some unintelligible Egyptian words. Sliding her hand across it. Worshipping it. All time seemed to stop.

"Honey?" Jake asked almost fearfully. Then he noticed what she was doing. "Honey, don't put the birdseed on that!" He sighed in relief. It was just some kind of six-year-old antic. Maybe everyone in Kindergarten did this. But not everyone owns a sundial, his conscience told him, but he shoved the thought out of his mind.

But then she glared at him. Her eyes glowed green like a monsters. The whole surface of her eyes glowed green. It was only for an instant of two before they faded away to reveal her regular green eyes, looking at him hard. Glaring at him. Finally, she opened her mouth and spoke.

"Do not interrupt the sacrifice to Rah," she said. Jake's eyes went wide. What in the world!?

* * *

"Oh, uh, er, she is?" Jake asked.

"Yes, she is! And Jake, remember what she did?" Jake sighed. Of course. "Jake, I just wanted to ask you-are you sure that your family has no Egyptian background?"

"Yes, Crys, yes I'm sure," Jake informed her. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work."

"But-" Jake cut her off.

"Sorry babe. Now, listen, if it bugs you so much, call a counselor. See ya." He hung up the phone despite her protests. He didn't want to think about this.

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