Renewed Heart

There is a melody
Deep within my heart
I travel when I'm lonely
I come home when it's dark

I sing it when I'm sad
And I hear it when I'm in need
For this melody is unending
With every beat of my heart

All through the night
I hum it out loud
With every breath I take
The beat goes on and on

And sometimes in the day I hear it
It throbs in the back of my head
I need to let it out
But that's impossible

It follows me everywhere
Day in and day out
It haunts me continually
Picture after picture frame

Will it ever end?
I ask myself in the dark
Then there is a pain of something sharp
Will the sound I hear ever stop?

Though the questions come
None are answered
Silence is the question
And silence is the answer

Will it ever make sense?
The thought rushes every second
Will this melody I hear ever stop?
Behold the silence.

Is it over
I ask myself
And then there's the ache
Of a brand new heart

It is new
It is old
The tears come flowing
How can I love it so much?

Thank you, heart.

Written by both Damaged and Cacique