Regrets (?) of a Broken Heart
4 her

remember the time when we once cared for each other,
but were too scared to face it,
so we faced it alone and on our own,
when we could've embraced it and faced it together....
and now here we are
continually growing further and further apart
a crumbling relic of something that once was
and a failed realization of what could have-
what should have been
and now I sit here, knowing you're happy
and wondering if I could have made you that happy
was all the pain I put myself through worth it
the ends justify the means don't they?
you're happy, but it's not with me
and still, I sit here, alone, on my own
wondering if my choice was the best one
your happiness for my heart?
at the time it seemed like a small price to pay
but now, I'm not so sure
right now, though, you're happy
and it took me some time....
but now I'm happy again too
still on alone, on my own