Cold Bringer's curse

Broken bawling thrashing wildly through the rain
She stumbles falls crawls seeking to loose her pain
Do you hear her panic breathing
Steam clouds rising in the night
Do you hear her frantic wails
Echoing to greater height
Windigo let us go
don't you know
that we are freezing, freezing
choking my life away
no, no .you're choking my life away

trashing gasping grasping
for better purchase you heard this
lonely soul cry out for companion
and you came to relieve me of my pain
in vain I tried to warm my frozen heart
insane how love is thought to never part
now I am lost and alone in the waste land of life
all I need now is one solid shot or one good knife
let me break the cords that hold me to this world
release me dear master that my pain will end the faster
on my knees frozen in bitter spite
I pray begging and begging take me please tonight
There's nothing left for me in the world but suffering and fright
Release your harsh grip reign down death upon my head
Look the other way as my soul floats away

I feel them you're needles
Ice crystals in my heart
Burning my insides
Igniting my soul lost soul
Screaming thrashing yet
despite the pain I smile
lips stretching ever wider
a grimace of pained pleasure
smirk of derision I have had my way
and those fools who say that my god is not alive
will never deliver me
they are all full of lies
I look onto you
dear Cold Bringer and know you true
my deity my birth star my obedient slave
torture me burn me with your frozen fury
till there's nothing left to save
let this be a testament to those who don't believe me
let this be a scripture for fools to follow after

do you want to be like me ?
then count you eggs before they hatch
cus there's nothing like the present
there will be no going back
call upon the Cold Bringer
to freeze you beating heart
never love when love is due
and you'll never fall apart

Windigo let us go
don't you know
that we are freezing, freezing
choking my life away
no, no .you're choking my life away

~ok back ground info. Some northern tribes believe that there is a spirit called the Windigo that brings winter. It is rather evil and enjoys causing pain but mostly terror. This mischievous creature appears on the wheel of a child born out a season who has the power to call on it but not with out cost .i don't know how true this bit of info is but its what I based this poem on so whatever. NF03~