Razor's Edge
By Kris LaPlante


Dear Diary,
My name is Marianna. I'm 15 years old and this is my first real diary. Being a beginner at this, I'm not quite sure if I'm doing this right.

I'm not good at putting my thoughts on paper. Hopefully I'll get better at this in time.

I share my room with Karen, my best friend. My parents are foster care providers and Karen's been here for almost three years. She turns 18 in three months.

Kipper, our effection crazed Golden Retriever shares my room as well.

Down the hall and to the left resides what I've ever so effectionately dubbed 'Beast'. My older brother, Brandon, is a freshman at college. Mom and Dad are so proud of him. I guess they should be. I mean, he DID get the full ride on scholarship.

I love my brother. He's what every kid needs. You know, the kind of guy that you can have a battle of wits and then a massive full scale pillow fight (complete with sofa 'forts') with. Brandon's just one of the greatest people I know.

Can you say 'Hero Worship'?

So, ok. He's my hero. He just so happens to fill the position quite capibly in my oppinion!

My mom 'Melody' just opened a catering service called 'Food for Thought'. Dad and I drop by all the time. Usually we pester Pete, mom's head chef, untill he gives us a taste of his latest creation. I don't think he really minds to horribly.

My father 'Bill' is a sports writer for the Harrowfield Journal. How that man can sit down and write an entire article on sports is beyound me. Different strokes I guess.

It's snowing right now. That lovely crisp icy snow that glitters in the street lights, turning the world into one great big snowglobe. My grandmother 'Lee-Lee' used to love this weather most before she moved into St. Charity's Retirement Home. After that she just... changed. She couldn't even remember who I was the last time I went to see her. Lee- Lee's eyes were glazed with baren confustion. I can't bear to thing of her that way.

Dad says I look just like Lee-Lee did at my age. Is that going to happen to me too?

Oh, Brandon just asked me to join his friends in a game of basketball at the court. So I guess I'll write back later.

~Marianna Thomas~

Oh my god! When my brother said 'court' I thought he ment 'indoor court'. But nooo... It was cold outside. It was very, VERY cold outside! So here I was, dressed in jeans, tee-shirt and windbreaker, playing basketball in the falling snow. Fortunately for yours truely my brother's best friend, Matt, noticed me jabbering my jaw like an idiot and let me borrow his jacket.

When we got back, Karen was setting the table. Mom's spot was bare, again. I swear, that woman should just put in a cot there.

Dinner was pizza. Not bad the first thirty-odd times but it gets tiring after a while.

Then it happened...

"So, 'ria, do you have a date yet for the Spring Dance?" Brandon just had to ask.

I gave Brandon the glare of a thousand knives and muttered 'no' angrily. Don't ask me why but Brandonn seems to have it in for me. Every time we're around people lately, he asks me that. He's probably just trying to embarrass me. Maybe I just won't go this year.

"Have you even been asked?" The 'Beast' said narrowly, as if questioning a suspect of a crime.

"No." I say and shrug my shoulders with a frail hope that he'll just drop the subject. Of course what kind of big brother would he be if he just dropped a subject that seemed to make his sister uncomfortable? Well, obviously, not mine.

"Why not?" He asks off handedly. What the heck kind of question is that?

"How the heck am I supposed to know? Could be fate. Could be bad breath. Who knows?" I mutter and shove a cheese-stick in my mouth.

"Well, I could set you up with somebody." He says.

This is the part where I choke on approxamently a whole partially chewed cheese-stick, knock over my can of Diet Coke, still manage to glare at my brother and cough at the same time. Gee, what can I say, I'm multi- talented.

After a quick theft of a near-by soda, which must of been Matt's be cause he jumped in alarm when I took it, I started bellowing at my brother.


"Why talk later when you're already yelling at me now?" He asked.

Matt made the mistake of letting out a chuckle and I glared at him. See, my glares are extremely potent and you have to build a resistantce to them over time. If I can make Brandon whince in agony with a single look, a poor innocent bystander like Matt will melt into a living puddle and ooze through the floor boards at it's intensity. Which would explain why he started to get his things.

"Uh, I'm just gonna... leave." He said hesitantly from behind me.

I don't know why I did it but I turned over and shouted "SIT!" and of course he sat.

Me and Brandon got in a big arguement about him doing this stuff in front of people and finally I just called him a jerk and slumped into the kitchen chair with a 'harumph!'

After appoligizing to everyone I went to the fidge, grabbed another Diet Coke and stormed to my room.

Why? WHY! Why does my brother find it important to do these kind of things?

I'm going to go to sleep and hopefully I'll feel better in the morning.


Dear Diary,
Just came back from school (yuck!) and I'm utterly exhausted. As much as I'd like to go to sleep right no I'm due later on at the track. Me and Karen are going running, extra practice for the upcoming track meet.

Today in class Bonnie Huston and Denny Morgan got in a huge fist fight. Gee, what ever happened to hair pulling, slaping and the occasion curse word? I've seen GUYS throw less punches. The only reason I even mention this is because of why the fight started. Some guy, Marcus something or another got an STD. Appariantly he's collecting frequent liar miles because they both think the other gave it to him.

How stupid do these people get? Hello! We have to spend one eighth of our highschool years in a classroom learning about this stuff! The worst part is when people decide to be stupid like that it tends to be contagious.

Well, I suppose I'll put you aside so I can get started on my /stupid/ American Revolution /pain in the rear of a/ Paper so my /jerk/ teacher Mr./I-eat-puppies/ Idophries doesn't have a reason to flunk me. So, see you in a while.

Wow, that was fun. When I got to the track Karen was already talking to Jo and Laura Jennings. Laura and Jo are our champion runners. If you could see them run then you'ld understand why we're going to slaughter them in the final meet.

Anyway, as soon as I get there Karen turns around and waves me over. This is how I got in one of the most oddball-ish ( is that even a word?) situations that I have ever been in...

"Did you hear? Matthew Douglas still hasn't got a date to the dance." Jo exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. "I'm sure not for a lack of trying!"

"NO! That's not it! We asked him. He said he hasn't even asked anybody yet but he has someone in mind." Laura said.

"Guys, this is MATT we're talking about he ALWAYS has someone in mind." I say sarcastically. Jo and Laura started turning a lovely shade of pink and practically ran to the stretch-pit.

"What's wrong with them?" I asked and turned to Karen... who was looking up at Matt sheepishly. "...Ooohhhh." Yes, that's right. I just won the understatement of the year award and I just want to say 'thank you' to my mom and my dad and all my loyal fans and...

"Good lord, if my feet spend anymore time in my mouth I'll have to start brushing my toes!" I said with a sigh.

Matt gave me a grin and turned to Karen again. Ah... so there's the mystery girl. They would make a really cute couple. I wounder if I could give them a push in the right direction?

OW! Sorry, just got nailed with an idea and it hurt. I'm going to set up the 'trap' and talk to you later.