Underage Column

Hi. My name is Danielle Basford, known as "Ultimate Schuyler" on www.fictionpress.com and "Sour Schuyler" on www.fanfiction.net. I wish I could be a columnist on either of these sights, but I can't, because of the age limit. Sigh. I'm only thirteen. Five more years to go, and then I'll get my own column. Until then, this is my expressive paradise.

So, I got this idea. Why not create a column anyway? I could update it weekly, and talk about what I want, not just about writing. Who wants to do that anyway? I'd sound like an English teacher. I mean, with my own unofficial, underage column, I could talk about everything from Fanfiction's ban on NC-17 fics to hurricanes, the government's view of video games, and other things. Hell, I could talk about teddy bears, if I wanted to! Yeah! Or even LFO!

So, I will be updating this weekly, not just monthly, like the "official" columns are. I'll try to write about good writing a couple times, but if I don't, sorry. ^^

So you know when I right stuff, I'll put the date on them. I'll tell you when I wrote the stuff, and when I put it up on the site. Like this:

Written: July 14, Monday Put on site: July 14, Monday

You know, when Mormans are eight, they are accountable for their own actions. I'm five years older than that, (soon to be six in one month) and I can't have my own column. Oh well. This will be better! I hope you will add this to your favorites!

This is just an introduction. I won't be writing about anything this week.

A list of things I plan to write about:

Cat myths


The governments views of video games

What a Fanfiction Is

And other things. (This list does not indicate that I will cover these subjects soon, or even in this order.)

Adieu! Until we meet again, my friends!

Those last two sentences? Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman) said that in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. You can see this cutscene with Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails. When Eggman says, "Adieu," he sounds like he is sneezing. I really wanted to say gesundheit when he said that. Just a little last note from me. ^_^

Oh, and the very last thing: Instead of sending comments like you do in a column, just send in a review! I love reviews! ^_^

Alright! The End!